Best Digital Photo Frame Advice – A Beginner Guide

Digital photo frames store and display images stored on an inserted memory card, iPod/iPhone or USB drive. While it could be argued that this is simply a new incarnation of the age-old idea of collecting family photographs, digital photo frames allow you to include all kinds of media like drawings, gifs, audio and text files in addition to photographs.

basics of digital photo frames

Digital photo frames come in a range of sizes and prices and offer features such as touch screens and wireless connectivity that help take them beyond the standard idea of a “picture frame.” This article is about the best digital photo frame advice or Q&As I can give to understand your digital photo frame better.

The simple answer is that your decision should come down to how you intend to use the digital photo frame. For example, if you like to travel and see the world, a large screen with Wi-Fi connectivity such as the Aluratek (available on Amazon) would be better suited for you than a small one without those features. It comes with different memory sizes to fit your needs, but the largest is 8 GB.

If you are planning for your kids to use it more often than you – say on a kitchen counter or living room table, then you might want one with a large screen and slightly better resolution such as the Acer S7 (available on Amazon).

2. Is a digital photo frame worth it?

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive gift or to treat yourself, digital photo frames can bring your photos out of the computer and into the living room. Some people like putting them on desks, coffee tables or even on walls like paintings. 

Using a digital photo frame has many advantages over printing photographs at home. For example, you can display them in random order for a change of pace or frame by frame to create the illusion of video. 

3. Do people still use digital photo frames?

There is no question that smartphones and laptops have made traditional digital photo frames less popular than they once were. However, there are still plenty of people who use them as a family or group activity. 

For example, you can look at photos together and create slide shows with music to play either on the frame itself or through your TV via an HDMI cable.

4. Best aspect ratio for a digital photo frame?

If you are buying a digital photo frame for yourself or someone else, one aspect that will likely influence your decision is the aspect ratio. The term describes the proportional relationship between a rectangle’s width and its height. An aspect ratio of 1:1 means it’s a square, 4:3 means it’s a classic television shape and 16:9 means it’s a similar shape to an older movie screen.

5. How long do digital frames last?

Because digital photo frames are just displays, they will last for as long as the technology in them remains unchanged. If you don’t change your computer or TV often, then there is no reason to expect that your digital photo frame will become obsolete anytime soon.

6. Do you need Wi-Fi for a digital picture frame?

Digital photo frames don’t need Wi-Fi at all times, especially if you are using it in a place that is permanently near your router. On the other hand, having wireless connectivity means that you can easily add photos from portable devices or transfer images directly from a computer to change up the content on display.
best digital photo frames

7. Why are digital frames so expensive?

There are many reasons why digital photo frames can cost a lot of money, but it generally comes down to the screen size and the number of features. You might get lucky with a really inexpensive one, but if you want something more substantial you should expect to pay more for even the smallest screens.

8. Can you send pictures to a digital frame?

The simplest way to get images onto a digital photo frame is to connect it directly to the computer using an included USB cable. You can also use an SD or microSD card, which you insert into the back of the frame itself.

If your digital photo frame doesn’t have these options, you might be able to send pictures wirelessly over Wi-Fi. However, bear in mind that doing so will use up your data allowance very quickly.

9. How do you put pictures on a digital photo frame?

In order to get photos onto a digital photo frame, you generally need to transfer them from either a computer or an external device such as a camera. Some frames offer hard disk space of up to 2TB, but if your digital photo frame doesn’t come with a memory, you can use an SD or microSD card – which goes into the back – or a USB stick.

10. How do digital photo frames work?

A digital photo frame works by plugging it into an AC socket and then displaying the images from a memory source. Generally, that’s going to be an SD or microSD card, but it can also come from a computer via a USB connection. 

Some frames might even have a built-in Wi-Fi connection so you can upload photos directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Final thoughts

In order to make the best choice for you or your loved one, it is important to take a look at what each digital photo frame offers and choose based on those specs. Is the memory card slot critical? What about built-in speakers? Remember that a larger screen will be more expensive but also gives you a better-quality image. 

Finally, make sure you understand the different kinds of aspect ratios available. I trust that my best digital photo frame advice / Q&A will help you to find the best digital photo frame for yourself or your loved one. Thank you for reading!

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