Best Frameless Shower Doors Review For Your Home

Why the fuss to review the best frameless shower doors? You could use a shower curtain, that works I guess especially if you are looking for a ‘right-now’ solution. It does the job and keeps the water from splashing all over the bathroom floor. It also gives you that measure of privacy until it wraps itself around your wet body like the slimy tentacles of an octopus. 

Then your fight for ‘survival’ truly begins as you try to pry the fabric away and twist again ‘like you did last summer’. Then as you lunge desperately out from the curtain you stand dripping all over the floor, disorientated and wondering where the heck you put your towel. Only to remember that your towel was over the shower rail for easy access but after your disagreement with the shower curtain, it ended up in a heap on the wet floor. 

Shower: 1       Me: 0

best frameless shower doors

Some people can be awkward and have the misfortune, at times, of having difficulty with even minor tasks …. I am ‘some people’. Tasks as simple as showering can be THAT much of a mission for people like me.

In a hurry and need a quick reference list?

So, shower doors are an essential item and frameless shower doors with walk in functionality are even better. It is what it is (deep sigh), I have accepted my lot in life, and I choose to find the silver linings of every cloud instead of focusing on the storms. Below are the contenders of ‘silver linings’ for the best frameless shower doors:

Best Frameless Shower Doors Reviewed - Our List of the Top 4

Product Image

Product Name


Tempered Glass


Sunny Round Corner Door36 7/10" D x 36 7/10" W x 71 4/5" H Yes – ¼” (6mm) Aluminium
DreamLine Aqua Uno34 5/16" W x 58" HYes – ¼” (6mm)Brass
Elegant Sliding Bathtub Shower Door58 1/2''- 60'' W x 62'' HYes - ¼” (6mm)Aluminium
Sunny Shower Sliding Shower Door64” W x 72” HYes – 3/8” (10mm) Brushed Nickel
DreamLine Unidoor Toulon58-58 1/2" W x 72" HYes – 3/8 (10mm) Brass & Aluminium

Sunny Frameless Round Corner Door

If you are looking to have a crystal-clear shower experience, then you have found your answer with this frameless shower door. Sunny showers will not only give you a convenient walk-in opening but also an eyeful of beauty for your shower.

This is a curved double sliding shower enclosure.

With its dimensions of 36 7/10” D x 36 7/10” W and height of 71 4/5 in inches, it can easily be installed in a corner and save space. This door is suitable for a small shower bathroom.

It has two vertical stainless-steel handles that are rust resistant. As well as being rustproof it is also waterproof, so you will not have to worry when the bathroom is a sea of mist. The full-length glass door seals strip prevents water leaking out, so you have a clean and tidy bathroom. This ¼ inches clear tempered glass door is easy to clean and you will find it will not shatter. It is also so easy to install, this includes all fixings.



DreamLine Aqua Uno Tub Door

If you are looking for an exquisite glass look then the Aqua Uno is your answer with its two distinctly curved silhouette. It infuses a uniquely modern look for a touch of brilliance in your bathroom. It is a single panel swing door that is reversible for a right or left-wing installation, you have the option to choose. But do not install on a curved wall.

This is a sophisticated frameless glass that will fit with any bathroom design. It has dimensions of 0.2 x 34 inches in width, x 58 inches in height and an opening of 59 ½ inches. These dimensions make it suitable for a small shower bathroom, especially where a sliding door will not fit.

It is of great quality with its ¼ inches (6mm) ANSI certified tempered glass. It also comes with a convenient towel bar for you to hang your towels, proving it is one of the best frameless shower doors.



Elegant Sliding Bathtub Shower Door

Helping you enjoy your showers is what Elegance Sliding door is all about. The two sliding glass shower tub doors are gorgeous, the design will make your bathroom look classic and romantic.

The glass is ¼ inch tempered glass that is easy to clean. It is also a no shatter glass. It is a semi-frameless door with premium aluminium hardware material. This material means it is resistant to corrosion. It has stable and secure track rails to allow the doors to slide easily so there is no chance of them falling on you. Its vertical double door handles are also resistant to any corrosion.

In fact, the stainless steel it is made of ensures it resists daily scratches. It also comes with a full-length shower door strip to prevent any water leakage and help keep your bathroom tidy and clean.



Sunny Shower Sliding Shower Door

Sunny shower is looking to give you a clear and clean showering experience. This is a fully frameless designed sliding door which will make your bathroom modern and bright. It is 65 inches in width, 72 inches in height and 1.5 inches width adjustment range.

So, you can cut to fit your desires and create more space for decorating your bathroom. The frameless design has a large pulley for easy and smooth sliding. The doors are made stable by side hinges and top rail support. They also have a full-length seal strip that hinders water from leaking out. And a nice knob conveniently placed opposite the outside door handle.

You are free to install the panels however or to your own preferences. This is because it has a fixed and a sliding panel which are reversible. Its tempered glass is 3/8 inches (10mm) thick, making it shatterproof and explosion-proof.



DreamLine Unidoor Toulon

The Dreamline Unidoor Toulon is a frameless swing shower door. With its stylish windowpane look and satin black finish the Toulon is for those people looking for a striking and gorgeous bathroom. It has clean lines; modern accents and the upscale look adds a timeless style to any bathroom area.

The application of JetGlaze paint to make the glass’s pattern adds a unique mullion tone without the metal framing for easy maintenance. It is 3/8 inches thick tempered glass is shatterproof. 

In addition, it has an exclusive ClearMax water-repellent and stain-resistant coating. So, you will not stress over a dirty shower or constant cleaning. It has dimensions of 1 x 54.5-inch width and 72inch height plus an Inline panel which allows ½ inch or out-of-plumb adjustment.

It also has a reversible left to right door opening. For this one, it would be best if you let a professional handle the installation.



Beginner Guide: Maintaining Frameless Shower Doors

1. Why and how does shower glass get dirty?

It is important to clean our showers. The irony is that even though the shower is in a place to get clean, it is one of the dirtiest in the house. Moisture accumulates in the shower thus it becomes a breeding place for all sorts of germs, bacteria, and moulds. 

Glass doors are not an exception, usually, soap scum develops on the glass, leaving a film. This can breed Serration (or that pink bacteria you sometimes see in the shower). Even the best frameless shower doors need cleaning.

2. Tools required to clean your shower

To clean your shower, you will need a few things.
• A squeegee to clear the water off walls and doors.
• Scrub brush for scrubbing off scum and intense cleaning of the shower.
• Grout brush for cleaning those small spaces between tiles without harming the tiles.
• Rubber gloves to protect your hands while you work. (Working with chemicals can be harmful so best protect yourself.)
• Mop for cleaning the floor.

3. Shower cleaning and maintenance tips

To clean soap scum you could use a commercial glass cleaner. Spray this cleaner on a small part of your glass door and wipe with a clean cloth. If it works continue for the rest of the window.

Otherwise, you could try the homemade solution of vinegar and dish soap. Vinegar has the added benefit that it can kill bacteria, clean scum, and remove mould. Boil some vinegar then add equal parts vinegar and dish soap together in a spray box. Spray the mixture on the door and leave it overnight. When you come back you should be able to wipe off the scum easily.

Or use baking soda, especially if you are tackling bad stains. Mix baking soda with tap water. Make sure it becomes a runny paste. Apply the paste on a sponge or cloth then clean off the stains.

4. Hazards of a dirty shower

A dirty shower affects more than just the look of your once beautiful shower glass. It affects your health as well. With a high number of germs using each part of your shower as a habitat. It is easy to touch a wall or glass with germs then touch your face only to end up ingesting the germs ergo a dirty shower is a health hazard.


So, there you have it, the best frameless shower doors out there and the reasons to consider getting yourself one of these bad boys. Not only is it a more modern and classier look for your bathroom but it is also more practical (as mentioned in intro). 

Unless you have a home that belongs to a celebrity (If yes can I get your autograph? ) then you should know that creating the illusion of space is more out of necessity and not just because its fengshui…go on even your shower odds.

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