Best Showerheads For Hard Water – A Beginner’s Guide

Best Showerheads For Hard Water

Shower heads for hard water are specially designed to allow you to shower in areas where the water is extremely hardened. These shower heads use technologies that reduce the effects of hard water on your hair, skin, and clothing.

Hard water isn’t actually bad for you or your home, it’s just that it can leave mineral deposits behind, building up and causing blockages.

It can also cause extremely dry skin, lead to congestion by clogging in your shower head, and create a filmy residue on your hair after you’re done showering. In areas where the water is very hard, the minerals that are present in the water itself will build up over time within your shower heads and plumbing.

When you take a shower, the water is forced through tiny openings in your fixtures and it can become clogged with mineral deposits. In homes where there are many people living together, this clogging becomes even more of an issue due to increased use of the plumbing system. The easiest way to solve this problem is by investing in high quality shower heads that are specifically designed to reduce mineral build-up. 

This way, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a clogged shower head, and you’ll be able to enjoy smooth water at all times when you take a shower.

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What is hard water and why does it matter to me?

Hard water is a term that refers to the presence of high amounts of minerals dissolved in water. This can be traced to evaporation, as the sun draws out the moisture from bodies of water. Mineral rich seas or lakes will produce hard water when rain or other forms of precipitation return them to earth. 

The most common form of hard water is known as temporary hardness. Temporary hard water is caused by calcium and magnesium ions, which are naturally present in most bodies of water.
This level of hardness is not inherently harmful; in fact, calcium has strong benefits for the human body when consumed in relatively small quantities.

Other forms of hardness may be present in water as well, such as that caused by bicarbonates and sulphates. These minerals are completely harmless to consume; however, they do cause issues when dissolved into water and carried through your plumbing system

It’s also worth noting that temporary hardness can turn into a more serious form of soft water if it is exposed to acidic compounds.

How do I know if my shower head needs a replacement?

The first indicator that your shower head needs a replacement is clogging with mineral deposits. If the water flow from the fixture becomes weak or restricted, this will likely cause problems as well. In rare cases, these issues may be caused by a faulty build-up of minerals in the shower head itself; however, this case is less common since high quality shower heads are designed to prevent mineral build-up.

If you’ve recently moved to a new home, or if there were renovations or plumbing work done, it may take some time for your shower head to adjust. Hard water can sometimes cause issues with newly installed fixtures, but this is rare and should not be an issue after the first few showers.

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Types of shower heads for hard water

There are three primary types of showerheads for hard water:

  • Disk filters

Disk filters are usually installed behind the actual shower head and they work by trapping mineral deposits in their pores. They’re quite easy to clean and maintain, since all you need to do is tap them on a hard surface and rinse with water. If the flow rate decreases steadily, however, it’s a good idea to replace the disk filter.

  • Enhancers

Enhancers work by replacing or removing the flow restrictor in your fixture and allowing for more water pressure and volume. These shower heads tend to last longer than standard ones since they don’t suffer from reduced water flow rates as often; however, if you notice that the water pressure has decreased you should still take care of the problem.

  • Drenching rain showers

This type of shower head offers an “endless” rain-like stream, and it doesn’t suffer from reduced flow rates or clogging issues. These types of shower heads are also very efficient in terms of water usage; however, they’re more expensive than the other two types and not all homes have a good place to install them. They can also be uncomfortable in small bathrooms where there’s limited space.

Reasons you might want to replace your current shower head with one that has a filter

Make sure you know why you want to purchase a shower head for hard water before doing so, since it’s important to only get the features, you really need. It’s possible that your existing shower head has many benefits and all you need is a filter in case mineral build-up becomes an issue.

Do showerhead water softeners work?

Showerheads for hard water work in much the same way that a water softener does. However, keep in mind that they can clog and stop working if you don’t maintain them properly enough. Also, certain types of minerals which are harmless when ingested may cause problems with your plumbing system due to their acidic properties. This means that shower heads for hard water are not as effective in some areas where temporary hardness is prevalent.

Does hard water ruin your hair?

Hard water may cause some issues for those with very sensitive skin and hair, including a build-up of minerals on the hair shaft. This can weigh down your hair and cause it to become limp and dull over time. However, if this is an issue you can use a shower head filter or simply wash your hair more often to keep the problem from occurring.


If you’re experiencing clogging or reduced water pressure it’s a good idea to try fixing the issue at first. If and only if, this proves unsuccessful, you should look into replacing your shower head with one that offers enhanced water flow and filtration.

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