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Why would you consider Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapots? Well, if you enjoy a good cup of tea then you know that brewing tea is as important as drinking tea. I will admit that I love good perfectly brewed coffee but usually that is my morning drink because without a bit of caffeine, I am pretty sure I would leave the house in my underwear and slippers (I kid you not).

However, tea is my preferred drink for the rest of the day, and I enjoy leafy teas that need to ‘sit’ to truly be enjoyed decadently (I especially love green tea). Did you know tea breaks are tradition? They have been around for centuries and I mean who are we to break tradition.

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We need a good reason for a break and personally, I do not smoke so I cannot use a smoke break as an excuse so mine is tea. A good cuppa goes a long way to keep one’s sanity because you know sometimes a cup of tea can solve anything. A bit bloated? Tea. Need to unwind? Tea. Kids driving you crazy. Tea. Left your husband? Tea. 

In a hurry and need a quick reference list?

The process of brewing not only depends on the quality of the tea but also the equipment that you use, so if you take your tea seriously then you should consider one of the Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapots. Below is a list of choices we think are worth considering when choosing your cast iron teapot.

Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapots Reviewed - Our List of the Top 6




Enamel Free


Suteas Tetsubin
Cast Iron
Towa Workshop
Kiyoshi Luxury
Cast Iron
Hobnail Iron
Cast Iron
JUEQI Old Dutch
Cast Iron
Sotya Tetsubin
Cast Iron

Susteas Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot

If you want to experience the Japanese way of drinking tea then this is the perfect teapot for you, with its traditional Japanese tetsubin design. 

It does not have an enamel lining, so it affords you a chance to experience what the early Japanese termed “sweet gracefulness”. When heating, iron ions are released into the water and chlorine absorbed, leaving a sweeter and softer taste.

The Susteas teapot can be used as a tea kettle to boil water and it can also be used as a teapot to boil tea. The nice thing about the Susteas is that it caters for everyone, so whether you are serving just two people or a whole army of a family, they have different sizes for you to choose from.

 There is a 65oz teapot – which could serve as a great humidifier for your home – and a tiny portable 14oz teapot just for you.



Towa Workshop Tetsubin Teapot Cast Iron

Towa Workshop teapots are quality handcrafted tetsubin pots and it boasts the ability of dual usage. It can be used to boil water, and it can also be used to brew tea.

This is not the only thing that makes it a must-have. It has the fascinating hobnail style design and that is a sure masterpiece for your kitchen.

You can enjoy sweeter and softer tea or any hot beverage really, from these tetsubin cast iron teapots. This one is for people who want the extra nutritional value of iron with their tea.



Kiyoshi Luxury 7pc Japanese Tea Set

Are you a connoisseur of tea? Then you will greatly enjoy this package. Even if you are just getting into the groove of tea drinking and just want to enjoy a cup with friends or family then the Kiyoshi luxury tea set will fit you.

Kiyoshi teapot is a type of the tetsubin cast iron teapots known as Tetsu Kyusu. This means its interior is lined with enamel and it is specifically for brewing tea but not just tea but a perfect brew that tastes exactly right.

Your tea will not lose its temperature as the iron retains the heat and keeps it warm for long.



The Hobnail Iron Teapot Set

Take a sip of your tea, do not swallow savour the taste and the smell your brew, just as you would a good wine. With the hobnail cast iron teapot, you can enjoy your tea the Japanese way.

This teapot comes with everything you will need including an infuser, which is perfect for brewing. It is so intricate and beautiful that you can enhance the look of your kitchen, after all the tetsubin cast iron teapots are great as decor.

The black porcelain enamel interior retains heat and keeps your tea warm for a long time. Also, it makes for a wonderful gift to anyone.



JUEQI 900 ML Old Dutch Cast Iron Teapot

From their origin, tetsubin cast iron teapots are a craft and an art of boiling water and brewing tea. Even the drinking of tea was considered a ceremony. The Jueqi Old Dutch Tetsubin is one of the best of this craft.

With this teapot, you are sure to drink a sweeter and softer beverage plus, with an added infusion of the nutrient, iron.

The design is too stunning for just tea drinking so it can be used as a piece of decoration when not brewing tea.

If you want to enjoy some savoury tea and partake in the adage Dutch tea drinking tradition, then you have found your answer.



Sotya Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot

Established in 2010, they follow the traditional Japanese ways. This teapot is ideal for serving 3 to 5 people when filled to brim and the material used is sturdy, hence protects the teapot from easy damage.

Naturally, this will extend the life of the teapot and the fully enameled interior guards against rust. It also helps preserve the original, pure taste of the tea and it has such an intricate, detailed Japanese style design.



Beginner Guide: Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapots

1. Are Japanese tetsubin teapots safe?

Tetsubin teapots are safe. They are made of iron, which is not only safe, but it is also a nutrient. Iron ions get infused in the water or tea during heating and when we consume the tea it has this iron.

Also, you will find most tetsubin cast iron teapots are made purely of iron, not other chemicals that could be harmful to people.

2. How do you make tea in a tetsubin teapot?

First, warm the teapot by rinsing it with warm water. 

Next boil water, some teapots can do this other cannot. If you are using the teapot then let it be over a low flame or heat, we do not want our teapot damaged.

Then, place your preferred tea in the infuser then pour the hot water over it. 

Lastly, steep the tea and serve.

3. How do you clean a tetsubin teapot?

Tetsubin are sensitive so avoid scrubbing the inside even if it is with a sponge. You can not use detergent, not even kitchen detergent. Just rinse the teapot with clean water or wipe clean with cloth.

4. Can cast iron teapots be put on a stove?

Although their original use was through charcoal, things have changed now, and the teapots have adapted. Most cast iron teapots can be put on a stove but make sure the heat is not too high, only use mild heat.

5. How do you use a Japanese cast iron teapot?

First thing before starting use, you must season the teapot then fill it with warm water, then pour it out (do this a few times). From there you are set to start brewing your tea and remember after use always wipe the teapot clean.

Making tea follows a few steps.
1. Preheat the kettle by warming it up.
2. Boil water.
3. Measure out your tea and pour into an infuser.
4. Steep the tea, then serve.
5. Clean up and store the teapot. Make sure it is completely dry before storing it. 

Do not replace lid unless the interior is dry and use a clean cloth to wipe the teapot, inside and out.

6. Do cast iron tea kettles rust?

Cast iron teapots does rust. Iron is a metal that has a high oxidation, so it rusts easily when it meets water and is exposed to air it rusts. 

Some teapots though are lined with enamel to try to curb this so take good care of your teapot, don’t let water stay for a long time in it after use, wipe it clean and don’t close until it is absolutely dry.

Remember, however, even if it does rust all over, the rust is not harmful.


REMEMBER: Crisis or not, nothing should interfere with tea so get yourself good equipment, a great quality tea and get brewing!

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