Best Treadmills Under 300 – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Do not worry, this is a buyer’s guide for the best treadmills under 300 – we will get to that in a minute. This global pandemic has hit us all for a six and for most, we are all still right smack dab in the middle of this unexpected situation. We struggling to navigate our survival with the new normal of sanitizing every moment of everyday, the itchy mask and social distancing.

best treadmills under 300

A few are lucky enough to be able to jog along a gorgeous stretch of sandy beach or a pine scented, lush forest path as they social distance in style, have foods that are not carbs and actually enjoy it (I know right, Are they even human!).

However, most are not that fortunate, some people want to be healthy and have manageable weight but cannot because even looking at carbs adds pounds and the thought of actually exercising is exercise.

In a hurry and need a quick reference list?

I am ‘some people’ and yes, I definitely know the struggle is real but then I got a treadmill. I made an amazing discovery, I can Netflix and walk/power-walk (seriously, I exercise while watching my fav series!). 

So yeah, my treadmill has become my best friend/ my soulmate during lockdown and this global crisis after-effects has become more manageable because I do not have to worry about getting stomach rolls while I eat a roll. 

Henceforth, I advocate treadmills and I can help you also find your fated ‘walking machine’ with which you too shall vow to ‘Netflix’ with from this day forward.

Best Treadmills Under 300 - Our Buyer's List


Max User Weight





Merax Treadmill


55L x 23.5W x 43H"

0.5-7.5 MPH



FYC Treadmill


50L x 24.4W x 43.3H"

0.5-7.5 MPH



0.73HP Kicode Treadmill


52.6L x 23.2W x 4.4H"

0.6-3.8 MPH



BestChoiceProducts Treadmill


48L x 25W x 47.5H"

0.5-7.5 MPH



2.5HP LSRZSPORT Treadmill


54.3L x 26.6W x 40.0H"

0.6-7.6 MPH



Merax Easy Assembly Folding Treadmill Machine

treadmill under $300This Merax treadmill is exactly what you have been looking for in a high-functioning treadmill to suite your fitness needs and meet your fitness goals.

It was designed with enduring machinery able to withstand constant pounding and built to support weight up to 240 lbs.

Its structure is resilient, and the powerful engine ensures you receive a sufficient power for resistance training throughout your workout.

Features of the Merax Folding Treadmill

Benefits of the Merax Folding Treadmill

What we did not like 

FYC 2 in 1 Under Desk - 2.5 HP Folding Treadmill

FYC-Treadmill-Electric-Foldable-Installation-FreeFYC is a professional manufacturer, they are on the rather large scale and specialize in all types of treadmills. Their testing facilities are advanced and modernized.

They also have a very competent tech force and have over 10 years of experience in designing as well as manufacturing treadmills.

The endeavour of having a treadmill that can be used as a multi-functional tool in the fight against the bulge while you can simultaneously do office work/work-from-work (as is the norm in these pandemic times).

Features of the FYC 2 in 1 Treadmill

Benefits of the FYC 2 in 1 Treadmill

What we did not like 

0.73HP Kicode Under Desk Electric Treadmill

Kicode-Electric-Treadmill-Portable-BluetoothThe Kicode initially made their name designing unique furniture crafted for individuals with specific needs, the focus is about endurance, appeal, and character.

Their scope then extended to fitness and they maintained their individualism by offering fitness paraphernalia with a difference such as the Kicode Under Desk Electric Treadmill.

The name implies the uniqueness of this treadmill, there are no arm rest or standing frame just a slim treadmill walking pad. Imagine working at your workstation and being able to walk?

Well, you can with this little wonder. You can pretend to actually be jogging or walking along and without the arm rests in the way to spoil the illusion then pretending is that much easier.

Features of the Kicode Under Desk Electric Treadmill

Benefits of the Kicode Under Desk Electric Treadmill

What we did not like 

BestChoiceProducts - 800W Folding Electric Treadmill

treadmill under 300Best Choice Products is a company that creates/develops in-house products for a wide range of niches: toys games, outdoor products, garden products, seasonal products and home products which include fitness which is the focus right now.

Their products are novel and established all striving towards being high par quality yet affordable. Best Choice Product Folding Treadmill has a 4-star rating for most of it features such as easy-to-fold category, easy-to-assemble category, and easy-to-use category.

Features of the BestChoiceProducts-800W Folding Electric Treadmill

Benefits of the BestChoiceProducts-800W Folding Electric Treadmill

What we did not like 

2.5HP LSRZSPORT Folding Treadmill

Treadmill-Installation-Free-Walking-CapacityThe LSRZSPORT folding treadmill is the ideal home treadmill because of its flexibility as it has a combo functionality of being able to be a free-standing treadmill and movable handle which turns into an arm support treadmill.

Rated 4.5 stars for its features such as easy-to-store, easy-to-fold, easy-to-use and value-for-money.

The use requires just turn on the power switch (the lower switch on the front right of the treadmill), make sure to close the safety device which is the red part under the armrest (“STOP” is closed) then press “+” to begin.

Features of the 2.5HP LSRZSPORT Folding Treadmill

Benefits of the 2.5HP LSRZSPORT Folding Treadmill

What we did not like 

Best Treadmills Under 300

A Buyer's Guide: Best Treadmills Under 300

So, let us get down to what to look for in a good treadmill and discuss what is the best treadmill for home:

In terms of affordability, it depends on how much you are willing to spend because treadmills are even cost effectively designed to suit a budget.

Good Motor Strength
The motor works hard so the horsepower matters so look at the continuous duty ratings which should be over 1.5 to about 2.5 HP. Go for the treadmill that offers at least one year warranty on the motor and remember that the direct current (DC) motors are a lot of quieter.

Smooth Belt Motion
The belt motion should be smooth not jerky, and you should be testing your treadmill in full workout gear to assess durability. The handrails should not bother your hand motions as you run and must be sturdy as well as positioned well to grip if need be.

Extra Features 
Look for features to add flavour to your workout such as pre-set modes and programmes with challenging paces as well as inclines. A book rack is a plus, pulse rate monitors are a bonus, and if it has a water bottle holder even better. USB plug-ins for mp3 player or internet usage are nice extras too. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Size Matters
Check the size especially when it is folded so the treadmill storage can work for you but more importantly it can work for your living space. It is nice to press a button, and have it fold automatically though there are options that you lift to fold yourself. It is no big deal for some, but you look into that feature as well.

Consider Noise Level
The noise levels of the treadmill need to be taken into consideration if you plan to exercise in the early hours of the morning while your partner sleeps its best to choose something that would not wake them in a state of agitated panic thinking alien abduction scenarios or if you plan to watch television then hearing what is been said is a plus.

Benefits of Running

1. It is “the” best choice to rid yourself of those wobbly bits because it is a fact, that you burn way more calories this way than any other cardio workout. Toning combined with a good diet not only helps strengthen flabby parts but helps thwart the ever-dreaded aging effects of weakening bones and muscle loss.

2. It is a great way to maintain a great hale and hearty lifestyle. When you work out, you challenge your body releasing those “feel good” endorphins that encourage healthy eating habit and builds confidence which, let us face it, makes you feel sexy. All your organs kick into overdrive building an incredible defense mechanism against most ailments.

3. We all definitely need help to relieve stress, jogging allows you to jog out that pressure build up by letting your mind wander or just zoning out. Allowing you time to reflect and letting your tensions just melt away.


So yeah, my treadmill has become my best friend/ my soulmate during lockdown and this global crisis after -effects has become more manageable because I do not have to worry about getting stomach rolls while I eat a roll. 

Henceforth, I advocate treadmills and I hope I helped you also find your fated ‘walking machine’ with which you too shall vow to ‘Netflix’ with from this day forward. Naught rain nor shine shall keep you from walking as it is naught The Long and Winding Road you seek nor is it a Catwalk nay it is rebel walk. Go Forth and conquer your demon, I mean treadmill…

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