Best Bookcases for Bedrooms Reviewed

Bookcases for bedrooms? Well, why the heck not! I LOVE reading, so much. I am the proverbial bookworm I can lose myself in the pages of a good book for hours and be obsessed until I end that adventure. Then feel depressed because I fell in love with the characters and grieve their loss until I pick up a new book and the bittersweet cycle begins again.

We have bookcases everywhere, some are floating bookshelves, some are actual bookcases, and some are mounted wall bookcases. Some of my books are old favorites and my “book friends” that I couldn’t possibly part with, so they get a place of honor on those shelves. Some books I donate so I can make room for more books…although you can NEVER have enough books.

bookcases for bedrooms

My love for books is spreading in our household, I’m hoping the hook has well and truly sunk it’s clutches into my family. My husband seems to have caught a hook, just not sure which because he seems inclined to read books that could put me to sleep but hey to each his own right! So long as he loves books I ain’t complaining.

My kiddies seem to be having a slow start because books seem to compete against technology in this day and age however we have a strict ‘No tech on weekdays’policy so they have no choice. So basically the hook sunk there only because they had no choice HAHA. 

In a hurry and need a quick reference list?

Thus, if  you are anything like us then you will most likely run out of storage space for your books. Stick around, we are about to review the best bookcases for bedrooms below.

Bookcases for Bedrooms Reviewed - Our List of the Top 10






Nathan James Bookcase5 Tier24L x 12W x 72H InchesStainless SteelAssorted
Coavas 3-Shelf Bookcase3 Tier35H by 11.81W by 16.54W InchesMDF panels +wood-grain veneerEspresso
Winsome Wood Leo Model2 Tier13.3L by 11.2W by 29.2 H InchesWoodBlack
2L Lifestyle Storage Shelf2 Tier13.6 L by 11.4W by 29.9H InchesWoodBrown
Sauder 2 Shelf Bookcase2 Tier35.28 L by 13.23 W by 29.92 H InchesEngineered woodCherry finish
BON AUGURE Bookshelf2 Tier22 H by 23.62 W by 12.67 D InchesMetal with wood grain PVC finishDark oak + black.
4 Shelf Ladder Bookcase4 Tier27 b.56 L by 13.78 W by 46.06 H InchesParticleboard and metalBlack
IRIS 3-Tier Bookshelf3 Tier11.52 L by 15.76 W by 34.63 H inchesWoodLight brown
IRONCK Bookcase Bookshelf4 Tier24 .8 by 14 by 59.84 inchesMetal, P2 grade, and MDF boardBrown
Homfa Vintage Bookcase5 Tier23.6 By 11.8 by 62. 2 inchesWoodBlack

Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Wood Ladder Bookcase

Nathan James is a furniture company that has been around for quite a while and it is built specifically for this generation. They provide products of high quality and you don’t need to rob a bank to get their products because they are very affordable. You can buy any product from them with a 100 percent money-back guarantee if the product is not appealing to you.

This 5-tier elegant bookcase is no different from their other products. It is perfect for a small apartment and it is super easy to assemble. Unlike other products where you are provided with a warranty of maybe 5 to 10 years, with this, you are provided with a lifetime warranty. Why would you not love buying from them?



What customers say about the Nathan James Theo Bookcase

"Sturdy, pretty, and practical This product is such a pretty and practical shelf. It adds a great dimension to the room, and it fits perfectly even in a small space. It is sturdy too!"
Frank Dan

Coavas 3-Shelves Storage-Bookcase

If you are looking for a versatile bookcase for your bedroom that will not disappoint, you have just found the one. This storage space is flexible and can be used to store kid’s books or you can use it to store your favorite books. It’s easy to assemble and adds some kind of decoration in your living or bedroom.

It is sturdy and stable exactly what you should look for when you’re looking to buy a bookcase. Also comes with a manual that is easy to follow and will help you assemble it. This bookcase for bedrooms just weighs 17 pounds so you can be sure to move it easily from one room to another.



What customers say about the Coavas 3-Shelves Storage-Bookcase

"The product was easy to assemble, and it is exactly what we have been looking for. It is perfect for storing different sized books for children."
Silvia Brooke

Winsome Wood 92314 Leo Model

Is a simple design what you are looking for in a bookcase? If yes, then consider this one. This small bookshelf from Winsome has a simple yet elegant design, it is sturdy, and it has got some class in it. This bookcase will serve its purpose of storing books, but it will also add some beauty to your bedroom. The shelf has got two sections and holds the Espresso small storage basket nicely.

You can mix and match with other storage baskets too. You can buy wired baskets that are sold separately, and they come in both large and small sizes. Also, you can also add more shelves to create a more unique wall unit. 

Wired baskets are sold separately, in sets of 2 small or set of 3 baskets, large and 2 small. Dimensions (W x D x H): 13.39 in x 11.22 in x 29.21 in (34.0 cm x 28.5 cm x 74.2 cm).



What customers say about the Winsome Wood 92314 Leo Model

"The height of the shelf is not enough to hold records. I bought the storage intending to use it for records, but it turns out it did not meet my needs. However, I still give it five stars because it is perfect for books and it is of great quality. Just wanted to make it clear that it is not large enough for records."
Kyle England

2L Lifestyle Storage Rack Wood Shelf

This small two shelf bookcase comes with a compact design that allows you to store your books by placing them side by side and you can also use the bookcase to display decorative pieces to amplify your storage options. The bookcase is of high quality and the wood used is of the highest quality to ensure that your bookcase lasts for many years.

It has a classic finish lacquered coated espresso color of the bookcase which adds a unique touch to the bookcase and still gets to perform its duty as a bookcase. It also has an anti-tilt safety feature that ensures it fits perfectly top the shelf and wall.



What customers say about the 2L Lifestyle Storage Rack Wood Shelf

"I needed something small for my husband's books and this one worked perfectly for me. It is sturdy and cats can't knock it over. Now my husband does not need to search for his books anymore!"
pressure cooker consumer
Fran Smith

Sauder 2 Shelf Bookcase

Are you looking to add some style in your bedroom? Well, this bookcase has got you covered. It is a 2-shelf bookcase and it will serve the purpose of storing the books and more – perfect for displaying your favorite books you can also use it for decorative purpose such as displaying plants, work binders, or an assortment of knick-knacks.

It is adjustable and it can move to different heights to create even more flexible options. The top surface provides you with space to display your home décor like photos, lamp, and clocks. It will serve its purpose and still add some beauty to your room



What customers say about the 2L Lifestyle Storage Rack Wood Shelf

"Great shelf for the cost! I ordered this product plus another Sauder heritage shelves. They are great and the dark wood almost matched, there is a small difference but not noticeable."
Joyce Gallant

BON AUGURE Small Bookshelf

This bookcase from BON AUGURE is exactly what you have been looking for. It has a sturdy construction as it has metal as the base material and under each shelf is metal too to ensure that it is properly supported. Also, it is adjustable where you can adjust the feet height and prevent wobbling from a floor that is uneven.

It is easy to assemble, taking you at most 20 minutes to assemble the bookshelf if you follow instructions conscientiously. The shelf is sturdy enough and can hold up to 110 Lbs. and it is a perfect decoration for your room.



What customers say about the BON AUGURE Small Bookshelf

"Great purchase! The bookshelf is very sturdy and easy to put together. It also has a higher-end look, perhaps more than what you would expect from a shelf of this price!"

4 Shelf Ladder Bookcase

This bookcase is more than just a bookcase. It is perfect for displaying your favorite books and it can be used for other purposes such as displaying your decorations in the living room.

It is a sturdy, strong, and durable bookcase that can be used in the kitchen, balcony, living room, bedroom, and practically anywhere else in your room. It’s easy to install as long as you follow the instructions provided.



What customers say about the 4 Shelf Ladder Bookcase

"This product is perfect if you would like to create your library and there is still so much space left for other things. It is worth the buy and you just need a screwdriver to install!"
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Cindy Long

IRIS USA 3-Tier Open Wood Bookshelf

This convenient storage comes in an open design and it makes a perfect adornment for your bedroom. It can be used in the living room where most people tend to use it. Also comes with 3 shelves to provide you with enough space for your books and more.

It is easy to assemble, and each shelf can hold a weight of up to 44 Lbs. giving it a total weight tolerance of 176 pounds.



What customers say about the IRIS USA 3-Tier Open Wood Bookshelf

"Space saver! I have been searching for a slim tall bookcase and I just found the one this. It is even cheaper than I anticipated and am loving it. Easy to install as you just need a screwdriver and the material is also very durable."
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IRONCK Bookcase 60" H, 4 Tier Bookshelf

This the perfect addition you have been looking for your living space. The bookcase is sturdy and by buying one you can be sure it is going to last for many years to come. It is also large enough to store all your books and comes with four protective footpads to ensure that it has enough stability and also protect your floor.

It is easy to install and can be fixed to the wall for even safer usage.



What customers say about the IRONCK Bookcase 60" H, 4 Tier Bookshelf

"A beautiful and sturdy bookcase. It is also surprisingly spacious and can be mounted to the wall if you want!"
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Homfa Bookshelf Rack 5 Tier Vintage Bookcase

This bookcase comes with a modern design that is likely going to match with the furniture you already have at home. It will display your books like no other bookcase and make it easy for you to pick the book you want to read.

It can also be used to display your decorations such as plants, family photos, fishbowls, and many other things that makes your house a home.



What customers say about the Homfa Bookshelf Rack 5 Tier Vintage Bookcase

"The quality of this bookcase is mind-blowing. The shelves are heavy, and I found it easy to put it together. "
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James Smith

5 Things to consider before buying bookcases for bedrooms

1. Size

The number of books you have will most probably determine the size of the bookcase to buy. However, if you want to use it for more functions, you might want to go for a larger bookcase than you need.

2. Materials

The material of the bookcase will most probably determine the durability. Metal will obviously last for a longer time but can be a bit pricy. Wood is also durable and relatively affordable making it a good choice.

3. Open-back bookcases for bedrooms 

How do you want it? An open bookcase which can be placed anywhere or a bookcase that can be only placed against the wall?

4. Finish and style 

Have an open mind about style and finishing as what looks good in one space does not necessarily mean it will look good in your space as well.

5. On display or hidden away?

It will be a wise move to consider a bookcase with drawers to hide anything you don’t want to be seen. A display bookcase, on the other hand, it stores your books or anything else you want to store and also display them for all to see. An open bookcase will be perfect if you want a bookcase and something to help you display your décor.

The Final Verdict

Overall, the Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Wood Ladder Bookcase offers the most modern looking features while keeping any negative attributes to a minimum, making it the leader of the competition in our best bookcases for bedrooms reviews.

The Winsome Leo model name Shelving, is the runner up and perfect for anyone looking for simple, yet elegant look and feel.

Lastly, the IRIS USA OWR-400BR 3-Shelf Open Wood Shelving Unit offers you the best of both worlds i.e. quality and price. Perfect for those who is after practicality and also a touch of home decor.


Don’t you just love escaping to exotic lands, getting twisted into spectacular plots of espionage, getting overwhelmed in passionate romances or living daring pursuits of lovers… within the confines of your imagination. We would all love to “do it ALL” but if you anything like me then “do it ALL” is impossible (because I would need to have to save humanity before bedtime, a girl needs her beauty sleep you know.) I am a wife, mom of three, writer, photographer and fitness junkie hence not so simple to leave on an actual/literal adventure. 

Reading is THE outlet; it lets me lead my best life and you can lead yours too. Just sort your book storage space out because if you read as much as I do then you most definitely have more books than you know what to do. Consequently, making storing said books an issue therefore, secure bookcases for bedrooms and forget about turning down getting more books. Now go get lost…in a good book!

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