10 Cleaning Habits That Do Not Work

10 cleaning habits that do not work

Having a clean home is important, but sometimes people do things that can actually cause more harm than good when it comes to cleaning. Here are ten habits that don’t work well in the quest for a clean house.

paper clutterIf your home looks like you’re having an ongoing sale where you give away one item a day, chances are you have a paper problem. Being surrounded by clutter can cause stress and decrease your focus. 

Consider recycling or shredding papers that you don’t need to keep, and consider using fire-resistant filing cabinets if the originals were destroyed in a house fire like mine was years ago.

2. Bunching up wet towels and shower curtains

wet towels Don’t leave your towels lying in a heap on the floor. Hang them up to dry, or at least carefully roll them up and put them inside of your hamper. 

The same goes for towels in the bathroom, just because you’re about to use one doesn’t give you an excuse for leaving it on the floor.ago.

3. Using excessive cleaning detergents


This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: if you’re using such a massive amount of cleaning product that the scent is overwhelming the entire room, you’re doing something wrong. 

Consider diluting your solution with water, or buying a bigger bottle of cleaner.

4. Not cleaning tools after use

cleaning toolsThis is an important one. Tools that are used to clean need to be cleaned themselves after use, otherwise you’re just spreading around the dirt and germs that you’ve already collected. 

Sponges are especially guilty of this, as they can hold a lot of bacteria after just one use. If you use your sponge to clean the sink, for instance, don’t just leave it sitting there until next time. 

After you’re done with it, wash it and hang it up to dry.

5. Using the same disinfectant wipe to clean a large area

wet wipeThis one is pretty much the same as cleaning with dirty tools, but it’s something that happens a lot more often. 

If you’re using a single disinfectant wipe to clean surfaces all around your bathroom, chances are you’re not seeing the best possible results.

Instead, use a little bit of elbow grease and maybe a sponge or two to get the best result.

6. Letting dishes build up

unwashed dishes Don’t leave your dirty dishes sitting in your kitchen or bathroom sink until it’s time to run the dishwasher…run them through now, even if it isn’t full yet. 

Putting them off for later means that they’ll be sitting there growing bacteria, waiting for you to run the dishwasher. 

Better yet, clean them immediately after use so there’s no need to put it off.

7. Wearing outside shoes inside your house

dirty shoesThis is one that I still struggle with sometimes since I love having my family wear shoes everywhere, but it really does contribute to dirt around your home. 

Keep shoes in their proper place, either outside or inside your closet, if you don’t want them to contribute to that dirty look that you’re trying so hard to avoid.

8. Not storing cleaning products correctly

cleaning products Where you store your cleaning products can make a big difference in how effective they are. 

Cleaners stored on high shelves can be difficult to reach, and those stored up high need to be kept out of the way of children.

 Those stored in your garage or basement won’t work as well as they will if kept inside where the safe temperatures for chemicals are met.

9. Letting unused food fester in the refrigerator

food in fridge It’s important to keep an eye on your refrigerator’s temperature, as it needs to stay below 40° Fahrenheit at all times. 

When you keep food inside for too long, especially keeping poultry inside the freezer longer than necessary, you’re causing bacterial growth–and nobody wants that!

10. Leaving your bed unmade

unmade bedThis might seem like a pretty minor issue compared to the rest, but I think it’s actually quite important.

Leaving your bed unmade means that you’re letting dirt and dust settle on top of your mattress every single time you leave it unmade.

If you want to avoid excessive sleep creases in your sheets, try to keep them made up or at least smooth out the wrinkles before getting into bed.

Ways to keep your home clean without overusing chemicals or wasting time. It can be hard to stay on top of cleaning, especially when you want to make sure that the products you use are safe for children and pets–but it’s not impossible! It just takes some effort and a little bit of organization.

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