Digital Picture Frames for Home – A Beginner Guide

Purchasing a digital picture frame for home is easy to do these days. Digital picture frames are now inexpensive and can be found at nearly any electronics store. The best part is, they easily connect to your home network and can be viewed by any device on your wireless network. 

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Consider the following options when looking at digital frames for home:

One of the most important factors in a digital picture frame is durability. It should be able to handle being moved around and even handled without breaking, as digital picture frames can be moved from room-to-room.

It’s also important to consider the weight of the digital frame, as it needs to be heavy enough to remain on the wall, but light enough to remove if desired.

2. Resolution of the frame

Higher resolution digital picture frames are designed to give the best image quality. While cheaper models may display pictures adequately, you’ll want to look out for a frame that can at least display images in 800 x 600 resolution.

3. Internet connectivity

Many digital picture frames have internet connectivity to access photos from social media sites or from your phone. Consider how this feature will add to the digital picture frame and make sure you want internet connectivity before making a purchase.
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4. Ease of use

Not all digital frames are created equally, as some require proprietary software that must be installed on every computer before connecting to the frame. If you have multiple people in your household that want to view pictures, consider a digital picture frame with Adobe Flash Player connectivity.

5. Type of picture display

Some people prefer to display pictures as they are printed, while others like the idea of building a slideshow of their photos. If you aren’t going to use a slideshow, you can opt for a digital picture frame with a customizable photo viewing option.

6. Size of the picture frame

Digital picture frames come in a variety of sizes. Consider where you plan to place your digital frame and how much space you have to fill before making a purchase. If you plan on displaying digital picture frames in your home, consider the above options when making your purchase.

Digital picture frames are becoming more affordable by the day, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that fits your exact needs.

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7. Cleaning and maintenance

The screen will need to be dusted periodically, but keeping it clean doesn’t take too much work. If you plan on removing the digital picture frame from the wall to dust it, be sure to disconnect it from any power supply and be aware of the weight to determine how difficult it will be to move.

8. Power adaptor

Every digital picture frame has a power adapter. Be sure to unplug the frame when moving it, as some models have short cords. Now that you know the factors to consider before purchasing a digital picture frame for home, you can begin shopping.

9. Digital picture frames with WiFi

Digital picture frames that allow you to upload images from Facebook can be useful if you want to share vacation photos with the family. Consider these options and more when shopping for a digital picture frame that can be viewed on your home wireless network.

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10. Digital picture frames with email

If you frequently receive electronic pictures from friends and family, consider a digital picture frame that allows you to upload pictures directly from your email. Digital picture frames with email connectivity are perfect for people that have family members living far away.

Final thoughts

Consider the above factors before making a purchase, as they can have a significant impact on how useful your digital picture frame will be. While some manufacturers claim to have superior products, the most important factor is the actual photo quality.

If you want a digital picture frame that can be viewed by the entire family, consider a model that allows you to upload photos from Facebook. Digital picture frames are very affordable, so there shouldn’t be any reason not to purchase one for your home.

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