Tips on How to Bath Your Dog at Home

Baths are a great way to relieve your dog’s skin of allergens, dirt, and bacteria. Dogs that are given baths regularly will have less itching or scratching due to allergies.

how to bath your dog at home
Dogs that swim often will need regular baths in order to prevent the build-up of chlorine and salt on their skin.

If you're planning on giving your dog a bath at home, here are some tips:

How often should a dog be bathed?

washing dogThat depends on your dog’s breed, lifestyle, and skin type. 

Most dogs can be bathed every month or two, but some dogs require bathing once a week due to frequent swimming or mud rolling.

If you have any questions about when to bathe your dog, talk to your veterinarian.

If you do not want to give your dog a bath at home, groomers and vets will be more than happy to bathe him for a fee.

Should I bathe my dog inside or outside?

bathing dogIt is better to bathe your dog inside, since it will be easier to rinse all of the shampoo off his body. 

If you bathe your dog outside, he may run off with soap still clinging to his fur and get into trouble.

Make sure your dog is completely dry before letting him outside, as wet fur will make him colder in the winter and more susceptible to parasites in the summer.

Can human shampoo be used on your dog?

bathing a dogHuman shampoo is not meant to be used on dogs, as it can irritate their skin.

It is best to use pet-specific shampoo, which is made to be gentle on your dog’s skin.

If you’re not sure what kind of shampoo to use, ask your veterinarian or groomer for advice.

At what age can you start bathing your dog?

bathing a puppyYou can start bathing your dog as soon as he is old enough to stand in the tub. 

Some puppies may be afraid of baths, but with time and patience, they’ll get used to them. 

Many suggest it will be best to start when they are still a puppy (from around 8 weeks old) so that they will get used to the bathing process, but this really depends on your dog’s personality.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, baths are a great way to keep your dog clean and healthy. Be sure to use the correct shampoo, rinse thoroughly, and towel-dry your dog before letting him outside.

How often you bathe your dog will depend on his breed, lifestyle, and skin type, so consult with your veterinarian if you need advice.

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