Inspire, Create and Renovate

Does lockdown literally make you wish that you were someplace else when you are in your own home? Especially at this point of 2020! Your home is supposed to be your haven and happy place, but it is all you see day in and day out these days. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, then it’s definitely time for some drastic measures.

Look, a drastic measure does not have to include being smuggled through to another country under the cover of darkness or swimming off into the ocean with the hopes of being given a ride by friendly dolphins. No, nothing that hectic, I mean it is doable I suppose if you are a government spy or a child of Poseidon.

So, if your imagination can inspire you to think these fanciful and sort-of impossible scenarios, then you need to make a change, for your own sanity. A difference in the norm is as good as a holiday, trust me, ergo any kind of transformation will give you a much-needed recharge for your mental state, physical state, or emotional state

Inspire create renovate

Need me to elaborate? Well, okay then. You have been reading a certain genre of books or watching the same type of movies all of lockdown so why not change the genre? For me… I’m a romance junkie, I can sniffle to a good “I love you till my dying day…” like nobody’s business however I love to splice it up with a good horror (not the “I will pee in the passage rather than go to the toilet alone” kind but the “Eeeeck that was creepy, now pass the popcorn” kind). 

Or give me a thriller that keeps frying extra brain cells as I try to navigate the plot or an action-adventure that keeps me at the edge of my seat. Or even give me a diabolical sci-fi that breaks convention however, I draw the line at slow drama-like movies that make me question my reason for breathing (I have enough issues, thank you very much).

Want a few more examples? Okay, how about a new look for yourself? Get a tattoo, dye your hair, cut your hair, get extensions, try a new style of dressing, grow a beard, shave your beard, there endless ways of self-discovery. How about getting off the couch and going for a walk, a hike even? Exercise is a great way to feel rejuvenated and it helps get off all those extras rolls in your middle that seem to have come out of no-where (yip I agree, what is lockdown without snacks right? And when I say exercise, I mean a scenic stroll around the park or if you are like my husband then I guess pullups on a monkey bar works too).

How about changing up your home? It can be full on renovations (if you like Bill Gates and somehow have monies to spare) then take on a new project to reinvent your home, one brick at a time. Otherwise if you are like the rest of us common folk you want to try something different (but not break or rob the bank) then try splicing up your home décor and class up your home front. Like getting clay pots to try Eastern cooking recipes and take your taste-buds on a decadent, spicy trip or what about trying a new showerhead so you can pretend you’re on a lush tropical island paradise, having a shower under a gushing waterfall. There are so many possibilities to try and explore.

create renovate

By now I am positive you catch my drift. These are but a few ways to reach into your brain and flip your restart switch. Therefore…Get inspired, get creative, and recondition your mindset and I mean that literally although metaphorically works too. Renovate, doesn’t just involve cement or primer or even bashing down walls, sometimes it just means doing something different…for yourself, your home, your life. So, go on then, Go Renovate!

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