Steps For Installing A Compression Shower Drain

The choice between which drain type you select for your shower, will largely depend on the construction of the shower floor, the piping and the manufacturer’s recommendations.
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The type of drain for a tile shower is different from one that’s going to be used in a wetroom, but regardless of the type, the installation methods are virtually similar.

2. Instructions for installing a compression shower drain

Compression style shower drains are made to attach directly to the home drain pipe. The type of compression shower drain you’ll need will depend on the size of your drain, which is measured in inches.

This type of drain is rated by the diameter of the pipe that’s required, and it would be advisable to adhere to the recommended size to avoid excess pressure on your drain. Compression drains are easiest to install when you have access to the pipe in the basement or crawlspace.

Step 1: Cut the pipe

cut pvc pipeA compression-style drain requires a specific diameter and length of PVC pipe to function correctly. You’ll need to measure the pipe, cut it to size with a PVC tube cutter and then glue the pieces together using PVC primer and cement.

Step 2: Fit the drain assembly:

fit drainThe drain assembly will have a compression nut and a rubber washer that’s usually glued onto the pipe before installation. A wax ring is included with the drain assembly to be placed between the bottom of the shower base and the pipe.

Step 3: Positioning the shower base:

drain assemblyA shower base, which is usually made from either fiberglass or acrylic, will need to be placed beneath the drain and centred with it. If necessary, use a circular saw to trim away any excess material so that the base sits in line with the drain.

Step 4: Securing the compression gasket set:

drain gasketOnce the base has been installed and firmly pushed onto the pipe, fit the soft rubber gasket to the drain and push it onto the shower base. The rubber gasket will provide a watertight seal between the bottom of the base and drain assembly

Final thoughts

In conclusion, you now know how to install a compression style shower drain. But if you need more help, there are plenty of resources available online that will assist you with the installation process and get you started with installing your compression shower drain.

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