Best iTunes Compatible MP3 Players – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Music is the balm to the soul as exercise is to the body. To be lost in a tranquil melody as you meditate on life or to be lost in a good beat as you unwind from a rough day, music is key. The key from turning a good workout into a great workout or a regular journey to an epic one. I NEED music, like I need air, to function in practically any facet of my life and having a portable device with all my fav tunes is fundamental to my existence. 

Modern technology has made this so much more convenient as far as storage and portability go. You can use your cell phone (because every Tom, Dick and Harry or Sara, Jane and Kate have one these days) however, if you anything like me that listens to music practically 24/7 then that will eventually over heat your phone.

Best iTunes compatible MP3 players

So, use your phone as the communication device it was intended for and get yourself a MP3 player with sufficient storage capacity and functionality. Now a days it’s the many choices out there that will probably get you more than anything else, so below is our well researched list of the best iTunes compatible MP3 players.

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1. Sony NW-ZX507/S Walkman Hi-Res 64GB MP3 Player

Sony iTunes MP3 player

The Sony NW-ZX507 is a MP3 player with 64GB of flash memory and support for MP3 file formats. It also has Bluetooth capability and features noise cancellation technology for improved playback quality. It is available in black and silver colors.

This Sony Walkman features a 3.6″inch full-color LCD for displaying file information and the battery level, as well as a new touch interface that lets users swipe to access different functions. Using Bluetooth, you can listen to high-quality wireless sound from your smartphone or other device.

The Sony is equipped with the S-Master digital amplifier for improved sound quality. Other features include a 4.4mm balanced output and It also supports USB- type C for use on tablets or smartphones that support it, allowing you to play any music format the device can handle.




2. Sony NWE393/B 8GB Walkman MP3 Player

Sony iTunes Mp3 walkman

Sony’s 8GB NWE393 Walkman MP3 Player is an ultra-slim and lightweight portable music player equipped with a 1.77-inch (diagonal) color LCD screen and an FM radio. It features drag and drop function from iTunes (PC) or Windows Media Player and has 8GB of storage capacity, enabling it to store approximately 2,000 songs.

Two lithium-ion batteries deliver up to 35 hours of continuous audio playback on a single charge and the player is also equipped with an alarm and timer function as well as playlists compatibility. The NWE393 ships with earbud style headphones, USB cable and Micro SDXC card adapter. This product is only available in black.

Includes an FM radio, Drag & drop from iTunes (PC) or Windows Media Player, Rechargeable 35 hours of battery life. Alarm and timer function, Playlists compatible, Earbud style Headphones and USB cable included.




3. SanDisk Clip Sport Plus MP3 Player

Sandisk iTunes MP3 player

The SanDisk CLIP Sport Plus MP3 Player is the most affordable, water-resistant MP3 player on the market. Big sound and big storage make it perfect for your active lifestyle.

The CLIP Sport Plus player delivers big sound in a small package. It clips conveniently to your clothes or gear, and gives you the freedom to run, bike, lift or do whatever activity makes you move. And now it’s even better with Bluetooth wireless technology (version 4.0) that lets you go wireless for even more freedom. Plus, you get a built-in FM radio to keep you entertained no matter where life’s adventures take you.

Lightweight and durable, it’s perfect for a wide range of activities. The water-resistant design lets you sweat all over it without worry. It even resists sand, dust and dirt – perfect for your active lifestyle. And with 16GB of storage, you can carry up to 4,000 songs (1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user storage less.) from the most popular music services.




4. Astell&Kern A&Futura SE200 MP3 Player

Astell&Kern A&Futura SE200 MP3 Player

Astell&Kern unveils the A&futura SE200, a high-resolution audio player that offers a wide range of internal storage configurations. The A&futura SE200 delivers the latest in portable audio technology with MQA support.

Equipped with 256GB of internal memory plus 1 microSD card slot (up to 1TB cards. This storage capacity is upgradeable by adding expansion memory cards via the microSD slot. MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is a revolutionary end-to-end technology that delivers master quality audio in a file small enough to stream and the A&futura SE200 supports full MQA decoding for an unparalleled listening experience.

The player also supports lossless music formats including FLAC, WAV, ALAC and WMA files up to 32bit/384kHz. The SE200 also supports popular lossy music formats such as MP3, OGG and AAC (iTunes).

The A&futura SE200 is equipped with a 5-inch WQHD resolution TFT display for clearer and more vivid images. It has an upgraded user interface (UI) and responsive touch screen to allow users optimum control of the player.




5. Surfans F20 HiFi MP3 Player with Bluetooth

Surfans F20 HiFi MP3 Player

Surfans F20 High Resolution Lossless Music Player is a portable audio player with Bluetooth that supports lossless high-resolution music formats to provide better sound quality.

The F20 is equipped with Qualcomm’s most advanced audio decoder, the WCD9326 Audio Codec, which supports lossless high-resolution music formats such as FLAC/WAV/AIFF up to 44.1¨C384 kHz /32 bit.

F20 also provides Bluetooth for wireless connections to other devices. Using the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the F20 can pair and connect simultaneously with two Bluetooth devices and has a much longer effective working distance than most other products on the market.

The lossless high-resolution audio player also advanced DSD decoding technology to reduce distortion, CD-like quality wireless audio playback from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.




6. The FiiO M5 MP3 Music Player

The FiiO M5 MP3 Music Player

FiiO M5 is a new member in the FiiO music player family. The compact and stylish appearance of M5 is remarkably beautiful. With 8GB internal memory (supports up to 2TB micro-SD card), you can store all your favourite songs and play them with ease. 

The built-in AK4377 chip delivers exceptional sound quality with your headphones or earphones. With support for asynchronous USB DAC, M5 is also compatible with professional audio equipment. It’s the first time FiiO employs a dual microphone configuration with DSP background noise cancellation technology. To provide you excellent calls quality, this music player features built-in echo cancellation function and supports A2DP/HFP/HSP profiles.

The new on-touch operation interface of M5 is very user friendly and convenient to use, allowing you to enjoy your music collection on this player. By customizing the screen orientation, you can play your songs in a way that best fits you.

This highly recommended product of ours comes with various operational gestures for you to discover. The standby time of M5 can reach 13.5 hours for music playback, which is two times as long as traditional MP3 players or smart phones. With a built-in high-capacity bank battery, M5 will give you sound for 22 hours in deep sleep mode.




Best iTunes Compatible MP3 Players – Buyer’s Guide

iTunes compatible MP3 players

1. Do any other MP3 players work with iTunes?

There are a variety of MP3 players which work with iTunes. Hi-tech professionals have worked hard to find compatible players, so there are many options for you to choose from. If your favorite player is not on the list above, please let us know in the comments at the end of this article!

2. How do I get iTunes to recognize my MP3 player?

To make iTunes recognize your MP3 player, connect it to your computer and then turn on USB mode. Then click “OK” when the program asks you what kind of device you’ve connected.
3. How do I export a playlist from iTunes to MP3?
To export a playlist from iTunes to an mp3 player, you must first create or find the playlist in your library. Then right-click on the playlist and select “share.” Save it to your desktop and rename it so that it ends in “.m3u”.

4. What is the difference between iPod shuffle USB mode and MP3 player USB mode?

When you connect some MP3 players to your computer, they automatically go into USB mode. This helps iTunes recognize the player as a music device. Other MP3 players have a different kind of USB mode. These players must be switched by going into the menu and finding “USB Mode.” Some iPod shuffle owners have reported that their devices don’t work properly with iTunes. If this is the case, you must switch your device into “MP3 player” USB mode and not “iPod shuffle.”

5. How do I transfer music from my CD to an MP3 player?

To transfer music from a CD to an mp3 player, insert the disk into your computer’s drive and open it as you would an external hard disk. Then create a playlist on iTunes with all the songs you want to transfer. Next, connect your MP3 player to your computer via USB mode and then drag your playlist into the music section of your MP3 player.

6. Should I use AAC or mp3?

As long as it’s being played on an iPod or an iTunes compatible MP3 player, it doesn’t really matter what kind of file you use. However, the AAC format is the default at Apple so mp3 files will have to be converted if you want them to work with iTunes or your iPod.

7. Can you download music to an MP3 player without a computer?

You can download music to an MP3 player without a computer, but you need a WiFi connection and a compatible device. Some companies offer this as a service for customers with non-iPod MP3 players.

8. What is the best size of an MP3 player?

There isn’t really any such thing as the “best” size of an MP3 player. It is simply a matter of what you are most likely to use whenever you go out. For example, if you are using your MP3 player when jogging or during exercise, it will be easier with a smaller device that can easily fit into your pocket or clip onto your clothing. However, there are many people who prefer larger players for home use so that they can easily read the display screen.

9. What is an MP3 player?

An MP3 player is a portable device which can hold music files in digital form. The devices are popular because of their size, simple user interface, and portability. Most modern MP3 players will play both AAC-encoded songs and mp3 files.

10. What is an MP3 player compatibility list?

An MP3 player compatibility list is a document which lists all of the models of MP3 players which are compatible with a certain piece of software, for example, iTunes. These lists will often have information about what kinds of USB modes are required, what file formats are supported, and what software version is used on the device. Many MP3 player compatibility lists are made available by independent websites.

11. How do you play an MP3 file in Windows Media Player?

To play an mp3 file in Windows Media, make sure your media library is open, then drag the music file into it. Once the song has been added, open the Now Playing window and then click on File -> Play in order to play it. You can also right-click on the song and select “Play” from the menu.

12. How is an MP3 player different from a flash drive?

There are several ways in which an MP3 player is different from a flash drive. First, MP3 players require a computer to be able connect to for transferring files. Second, they have onboard memory so you can directly transfer songs or videos from a CD for offline use without having a computer nearby at all times. Third, many MP3 player models have unique features such as built-in screens and FM radio tuners which aren’t found in flash drives.

Final thoughts

The final thing to take away from this article is that there doesn’t need to be a bespoke MP3 player for every possible use. While the industry has been built up around different users and devices, nowadays anyone can choose any portable music device which suits their needs.

Thanks for reading!

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