Lovely Craft Room Ideas To Introduce Creativity

The craft room is a place where creativity can thrive. It’s the perfect spot to try out new ideas, experiment with new crafts and get messy without any judgement. 

But for some people, crafting in their home feels like they are on an episode of hoarders – there is no space to work!

craft room ideas
For those who need more than just a corner or table top, here are some creative ideas for your next craft room makeover.

craft room ideas 1When you’re first starting out on your crafting adventure, it’s easy to get carried away and hoard all sorts of supplies. 

Before you know it, there are hundreds of dollars’ worth of supplies crammed into that tiny room, which makes for a very messy and unproductive environment. 

The trick is to start with a plan and an organizational system. This way, when you need something for your next project, it’s easy to find. 

Ideas to consider when creating an organizational system include:

– Using a filing cabinet for storing craft supplies. Label each drawer with a different category, such as thread or embellishments.

– Using a large hanging wardrobe for storing craft supplies. Label each drawer with a different category.

– Using a shelving unit to store craft supplies. Label each shelf with a different category and place baskets underneath for additional storage space.

2. Building adjustable shelving

craft room shelvesIf you don’t have the luxury of a spare room to turn into your craft room, or if one wall is not enough, you may need to get creative

Consider building adjustable shelving which can be easily moved around your home depending on where you are working that day. You can also use adjustable shelving to house your craft supplies. 

As you may grow your supplies over time, consider using shelving that is not that heavy and bulky. Also, you may want to consider building it with wheels, so you get to move it around the room, instead of the room moving around you.

3. Incorporating your favourite things

craft roomThe easiest way to create a lovely craft room is by incorporating the things that you love. 

If you’re a lover of pink and polka dots, then create an amazing craft space around these things.

– The flooring can be covered in pink and white checkered tiles.

– The shelves can house all sorts of books on sewing, origami or knitting.

– The walls can be covered in wall decals like butterflies or flowers.

5. Using unused space

craft room space ideasThere may be empty pockets of unused space in your craft room; do not let it go to waste. 

Use the unused space to store some of your smaller craft supplies.

Ideas for using unused space include:

– Attaching a small shelf to the wall and storing craft supplies underneath it, like a step stool.

– Using a small plastic storage box and placing it under the bed to store craft supplies.

– Hanging a shoe rack in your closet to store all sorts of supplies.

– Using a slim bookshelf in the corner for storing craft supplies.

Final thoughts

Crafting is a way to express yourself and create something new. The craft room should be used as an outlet for creativity, not just a storage space or dumping ground.

To make the most of your craft time, try incorporating your favourite things into your design so it feels like home away from home.

Hope you have been inspired to explore your creativity, now go get busy 🙂

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