Quietest Electric Kettles – All You Need to Know Buyers Guide

Why would anyone need to know what the quietest electric kettles are? Let me tell you why I needed to get one. As a mom, I must wear several figurative caps. I must be a counselor, a referee, a nurse, a driver, a clown, a teacher and a chef (among other things). One of the most underrated caps I wear is that of a stealth ninja.

Quietest electric kettle

You have no idea the amount of times maintaining silence in a house full of sleeping kids is of paramount importance (‘ME’ time is rated that of paramount Importance in my book). I wish I could say I was graceful as a tigress or light-of-foot as a mantis but alas I’m about as stealthy as the Kungfu Panda (and most likely just as clumsy). 

Therefore, it takes real effort on my part to be quiet and that is why finding ways to minimize the noise I make is always appreciated.

In a hurry and need a quick reference list?

quiet electric kettle is a great find for us because this way my hubby and I can burn the midnight oil or appreciate being early birds finding that proverbial worm without waking our munchkins.

Here below we have compiled reviews on a few of the best and quietest electric kettles out there.

Review - Best Quietest Electric Kettles

COSORI 1.7L Electric Kettle with Upgraded 100% Stainless Steel Filter

COSORI-Electric-Stainless-Indicator-ProtectionThis goose neck kettle was designed in California yet made in China You don’t need to worry about your water touching plastic with COSORI. With its stainless-steel filter, bottom and top it ensures there is no plastic involved in the boiling process.

The kettle itself is made from Borosilicate glass which is a glass that is resistant to wear and tear of an overused kettle. Whether you need the water for your tea, coffee, pasta or oatmeal, this kettle would take just 3-7 minutes to boil your water quickly. It has a Blue Light Indicator which turns on while the water is boiling and turns off when it is ready.

It has a capacity of 1.7L/ 1.8 qt. And you can quickly boil 7 cups of water together in it.  This kettle dimensions are 7.4 x 6.4 x 7.9 inches.



Mueller Ultra Quiet Kettle (MUELLER ULTRACOOL™)

Mueller-Electric-SpeedBoil-Borosilicate-ProtectionThe Mueller Ultra Quiet Kettle offers a patented speed boil technology, heating water twice as fast as a microwave. It can heat up to 1.8 liters of water and includes an automatic keep warm option which keeps the water at your preferred temperature for up to 30 minutes.

The ultra quiet kettle has a stylish and sleek design and comes with a shatter-resistant borosilicate glass exterior, which makes it durable and sleek.

The base of the water heater is equipped with an LED light to indicate power on/off status as well as keep warm status. More features are a removable washable scale filter for uninterrupted heating, boil-dry protection protects against dry boiling, automatic shut off when the kettle is removed from the base and cordless serving.



COSORI Electric Kettle 1.7L Double Wall Stainless Steel Kettle

COSORI-Electric-Stainless-Shut-Off-ProtectionCOSORI is known for its quality electric kettles, and this model is among them too. It has a BPA free exterior, stainless steel interior and COSORI ensures that plastic never touches your water. Water takes just 3 – 7 minutes to boil, and you can easily manage the quick cup of tea you need before leaving for work.

The strix thermostat ensures that the kettle automatically shuts off 20 seconds after the water starts to boil thoroughly. It also has a boil-dry safety feature where the kettle will turn off if there is no water inside. Both features have been set while keeping customer security in mind, and you can easily clean and fill the kettle due to its full mouth.

It has a double-wall construction which helps in boiling water fast and keeping it warm for a longer time. It has a 1.7L capacity which is much more than other models available out there. This kettle dimensions are 8.3 x 9.4 x 6.3 inches



COMFEE’ 1500W High Power Quiet Kettle

Electric-Kettle-BPA-Free-Shut-Off-ProtectionThe Comfee Electric Kettle is a piece of kitchen wonder that brings a sense of sophistication into the 21st century. It exceeds all modern safety standards and comes with an upper limit indicator that shows you when to stop adding water for optimum taste, as well as water level indicators on the side.

This powerful electric kettle offers its users faster boiling times than standard stovetop kettles; it’s easier to clean; the bonus stainless steel filter removes even the smallest mineral particles; it’s more user friendly with multiple water volume levels and an on/off switch. It has a beautiful design that will be the focal point of your home décor, while adding functionality and ease to your kitchen counter top.

Its ergonomic, cool touch handle and comfortable grip system ensure that you will not be burnt while holding it. The kettle is super quiet as it uses a high-end copper and stainless steel, high powered heating element to heat up water (1500 watts). It has an adjustable temperature control and comes with a switch that turns the kettle off automatically after boiling.

The electric kettle is made of 100% food-grade 304 stainless steel which makes it BPA free, as well as very easy to clean. The kettle has double water qualities standards to ensure no contamination, including UK/EU standards for fine particles.

The Comfee electric kettle is not only practical but it’s sleek and ergonomic design will also catch your eye amid home appliances. It makes a perfect addition to any modern household where tea-time is the highlight of the day.



3-In-1, DESTRIC 1.7L Electric Kettle with Keep Warm Function

Electric-Temperature-DESTRIC-Automatic-ProtectionThe Destric Electric Kettle comes with adjustable temperature control ranging from 40-degree Celsius to 100-degree Celsius. It can warm and boil different liquids of different boiling points including water, baby milk, tea, coffee, etc.

It has LED display of temperature that is easy to read and adds style to your kitchen. Moreover, this kettle can keep drinks hot for more than 1 hour at a fixed temperature. LED color changes indicate boiling points for every liquid – a feature other kettles do not have.

With a capacity of 1.7L, the boiling can heat up and boil within 7 minutes due to the 1500-Watt sturdy can. This kettle dimensions are 9.8 x 8.2 x 7.1 inches



Beginner Guide: Quietest Electric Kettles

Care and maintenance

It should be easy to take care of your kettle and maintain. The walls should be smooth and structure-easy to clean. The paint/coating should not wear off comfortably, and the buttons should be easy to press and should not get stuck in. 

The customer service of the company should be excellent to ensure your queries and complaints are heard and solved after purchase. The company offers a solution or replacement for any problems with the product. It should also be easy to clean the small indentations of the machine.

What To Look For In Rapid Boil Quiet Electric Kettles

Are the controls simple?

This is one of the significant benefits of using an electric kettle because it is easy to use. This is their major USP, but even then, there is a choice that you can make because every kettle has different features, and some are relatively easier to control and use than others. If you willing to buy a kettle for just a straightforward purpose, then you should go for a simple bare-bones unit in which you don’t need different temperature levels settings along with regular and straightforward functions.

If you prefer an electric kettle, then you should prefer the ones with extra features and temperature control. Kettles can be cordless or has a detachable cord which is generally easy to operate rather than keeping close to the unit every time. Moreover, for your ease, there are more features like preventing warm option auto shut-off.

Quick heat functionality

You should look for a kettle that can quickly boil water so you don’t have to wait for long and you can make a cup of instant tea or coffee.

Pours cleanly

The mouth should be wide so you can easily pour and serve tea or whatever. You don’t want to spill water every time you pour, do you? Then make sure that the kettle you’re getting pours cleanly.

Minimal plastic

Plastic is not suitable for health. The lesser the water interacts with plastic, the better it is for your health. For this look for a kettle that has stainless steel interior and BPA free plastic exterior if not glass.

Safety features

If you have experience of making tea on a stove or with traditional stove-top kettles, then you would be aware of the extent of the heat it can reach to both the handle and the exterior side of the kettle. Electric kettles are not immune to this issue, but they can avoid external heat. Kettles that use plastic or glass is suitable in this regard. Glass is the safest material that should be used because it doesn’t release any toxic elements from within it.

Moreover, you should look for electric kettles that excel in safety features because they do eliminate all chances of heat burns, electric shocks, spillage burns and mostly all pots have a shut-off feature along with each unit and boil dry protection feature. It means that there is no chance for the kettle to operate beyond boiling point.

Easy to clean

Removable filters and full mouths enable easy cleaning. The more comfortable they are to clean, the longer they will last. Your beverages would be hygienic, and your health not compromised.


You should always check for its warranty before you finalize that kettle. You should always go for the kettle that has a good warranty with maximum years otherwise it will be just waste of money if you are spending money and are not being satisfied after some time because of poor performance. If your kettle has a lifetime warranty, then all your expenditures of repair and maintenance will be free of cost plus it shows the quality as well if it has a good warranty.


Thus, these are our quietest electric kettles breakdown brought to you by a stealth-seeking mom with a plan. A plan to enjoy a cup of anything without an audience going, “Mommy, what you are doing?” As a result of our diligent efforts we hope it helps you make the best kettle choice for you…for you to enjoy a cup of deliciousness in peace.

Because in peace you find clarity and with clarity you find your answers (to whatever questions plague your mind at the weirdest possible moments.)

As my ‘friend’ once said: “Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.”

Go on boil your water and find your clarity.

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