Remodeling a Small Bathroom Quickly and Cost Effectively

Many home owners are under the impression that remodeling a small bathroom will require hiring a contractor and spending a lot of money. This is not always the case.

remodeling a small bathroom
There are many do-it-yourself projects that can be done in the bathroom without too much trouble. With a little planning, you can have your small bathroom looking bigger and more functional in some cases.

1. Planning - Types of Bathrooms

remodeling a small bathroom 1Generally speaking, there are four types of bathrooms. The first is the powder room, which is used by one person at a time. It can either be attached to another room or can be in a hallway or closet. 

The second is the main bathroom, which is generally attached to another room and is used by one person at a time. The third is the family bathroom, which is located near the bedrooms and can be used by more than one person at a time. 

The fourth is a master bathroom, which is attached to the bedroom and used by one person at a time.

2. Bathroom Designs

small bathroom designs The design of a bathroom can be adapted to fit the needs of the person using it. 

For instance, if you have a small bathroom, you may want to consider a pedestal sink instead of a vanity. This will free up some space. 

You may also want to consider installing a glass shower stall as opposed to a tub. This will save you even more space.

3. Storage - Cabinets and Shelving

small bathroom cabinetsOne of the biggest problems with small bathrooms is a lack of storage space. 

This can be solved by installing cabinets and shelves. Be sure to install cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. This will give you more storage space. 

You might also consider installing cabinets that are recessed into the wall. These are great for storing items out of sight.

4. Installing a Curved Shower Rod and a Curtain

curved shower curtainOne way to make a small bathroom appear larger is by installing a curved shower rod. 

The curved rod will give the illusion that the shower is larger than it actually is. In addition, a curtain can be used to add to the illusion of space. 

Be sure to choose a light-colored curtain. This will make the bathroom appear brighter and larger.

5. Adding a Mirror

small bathroom mirrorAnother way to make a small bathroom appear larger is by adding a mirror. 

Mirrors reflect light and make a room appear larger. In order to get the most use out of a mirror, install one on each wall of the bathroom. 

This will double your looking area and make the bathroom appear larger.

6. Adding the Finishing Touches

Once you have completed the basic remodeling, there are a few finishing touches that can be added to make the bathroom look more polished. 

These include installation of a new toilet seat and sink faucet. In addition, adding a none slippery rug and fresh paint to the walls can give the bathroom a fresh new look. These are just a few tips on how to remodel a small bathroom quickly and cost effectively. 

With a little planning and some simple materials, you can make your bathroom appear larger and more functional.

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