Weight Loss With A Busy Schedule

When it comes to losing weight the number one obstacle to reaching your chosen goal is the time to prepare a healthy meal and snacks. It is often more convenient to have takeaways or junk food rather than prepare a nutritious meal that should be the order of the day.


Unfortunately, you really do need to be more diligent when you have a hectic schedule. You would not slack at work lest you be sacked, right? What about your body? You do not take care of it all the money in the world could not prevent your demise, what about your family? So…make time…well at least once a week. I am sure that for even the busiest person that is doable. In that one day, you must cook as many meals as you could possibly cook for the rest of the week.

 Healthy good food, for you and your family especially if your family is dieting with you. Good eating habits are an important lesson for your kids to develop. That thought alone should motivate you to sacrifice that time to prepare healthy meals for the week. 

If you do not have kids, then removing the temptation to buy takeaways and junk food should be your motivation.

Dieting three

Okay here is how it works. On the day you choose to cook your meals, you freeze them, and, on the morning, you will be eating a certain meal, you take it out the freezer to defrost and when you get home after work or when you are ready for you evening meal then voile a good, nutritious meal awaits. 

Another good tip is to have plenty of fruit and veggies as well as salad ingredients in your fridge, make sure you cut, dice, and slice up enough to make it readily available as well as easily assessable for quick snacks or lunches.

Make sure you have single serving portions of yoghurts as a convenient dairy snack readily available. Sugar free pudding cups are another option for something quick on hand. Preparation and planning are key components when losing weight. You need to be vigilant when comes to eating healthy so preparing as well as plan as many meals and snacks ahead of time as possible.

You will be amazed at how easy giving up the constant need for takeout and junk food will be. It will be a once in while treat you and your family look forward to, the way it should be.


You must be asking how snacking can be healthy especially when you are trying to lose the weight. Part of a good eating plan is eating 6 small meals a day that means you eat small portions of food for your main meals and a snack between meals. Those snacks between meals are just as important as the meals themselves specially eaten about every four hours for sustainable energy particularly if you are exercising. Once we are hungry, we always tend to eat more than we should, snacking helps with those hunger pangs and helps to control the cravings.

Some healthy snacks for weight loss are the simple and economical choices of fruits and veggies in different variations such as individually or together e.g., fruit salad or toss salad. It is incredibly difficult in these modern times to eat healthy because it is so expensive. Seriously consider your surroundings and note that the cheaper the food, the more the calories. Trying to eat healthy on a budget takes planning and is doable. 

Here are some ideas and a few tips. Bread should be avoided when it comes to weight loss if you choose to eat bread let it be toasted and limit it to two a day maximum, have a slice of toasted brown bread with peanut butter and sliced banana.

Among healthy snacks, water should not be taken for granted, though obviously not a snack it is an essential element for survival, most people strangely do not drink enough. Try to have at least eight glasses a day, its works wonders for your body, inside and out. Yoghurts are always a good and safe bet but stick to the individual portions less chance of overindulging, remember low in fat does not necessarily mean healthier, some fats are actually good for you. 

Popcorn without loads of butter and tons of salt is an excellent substitute for crisps. Chocolate for example is our number one nemesis (well, mine if truth be told) so choose dark chocolate it is better for you. When it comes to tea and coffee, limit it to one a day but preferably swop for herbal teas. Drinking green tea in the morning is an excellent habit to maintain because it detoxifies, a plus for weight loss (out with the old in with the new). 

Another good tip is to drink cooled boiled water with apple cider vinegar before you go to bed; it acts as a fat trapper.

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There is going to come a time when healthy eating becomes a loosely based term especially when you are out shopping. These are some important tips to help you stay weight loss savvy: choose frozen yoghurt as opposed to ice cream, grilled as opposed to deep fried and the spicier the better according to scientific research, chilies or cayenne peppers etc. helps break down fat.

Now before you go out there and eat all the chilies you can find, bear in mind that these healthy eating for weight loss ideas and tips you have read here or anywhere else must be undertaken with extreme prejudice particularly if you have a health issue. My theory for being a smart eater is when you crave it… have it; you will undoubtedly eat less because as always when you are denied something you overindulge. 

So, remember do not sweat the bad days because they will come and try to deter you, just shoulder on.


While we are on the subject of health it would also be beneficial to add fitness opportunities instead of a scheduled workout, especially when you do not have the time, then I recommend making it a part of your daily routine.

What do I mean? Well, instead of the elevator or escalator take the stairs and when you drive somewhere park a distance away so you can walk. You get the picture. You will be pleasantly surprised at the number of hidden opportunities you have to exercise, just use a little imagination.

So, you see…even if you are the busiest person alive, you can still have a healthy lifestyle by eating right and keeping fit. All it takes is some planning and preparation. Up to you to take the steps….

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