Fighting Weight Loss With Exercise – While Keeping Your Sanity

You know you are in trouble when your significant other, the one who vowed to love you for better or worse, tells you that your booty is a little too bootilicious. Once you get over the urge to suffocate them with a pillow, you reluctantly realise as you struggle to close the top button of your favourite jeans that maybe, just maybe, they could be right.

Once you have had this epiphany, you decide to skip breakfast. You feel empowered and guilt-free until the hunger pangs strike so you grab an apple then a small snack, soon after possibly another snack then another, you push on through the day with determination. By dinner time you are most likely to have consumed more calories than what you ordinarily would have on any given day and without a doubt eat more than you should for dinner as well.

weight loss

So, crushed but not yet defeated you see a ‘miracle weight loss’ tablet or shake on an infomercial. The toned trim celebrity that endorsed the product promised great results and the before and after pictures by their clientele is encouraging, you excitedly sit down to watch the next 15 minutes of testimonials by gorgeous people with gorgeous bodies.

You practically vibrating with enthusiasm as you wait with bated breath for the price, then the beautiful bubble you created where you have your toned parts on display in a ‘yellow mini dot bikini’ gets rapidly blown to bits at the ridiculous amount, you definitely can’t afford, flashes across the screen.

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Fighting tears and the desire to smash the television into little pieces, you realise that you have no choice but to lose the weight the good old fashion way: exercise. It is, after all, the fastest way to lose weight. The trick is burning more calories than you eat …that doesn’t mean you have to go on these popular starvation diets or soup diets. All you are doing is tricking your body by starving it and your body will eventually retaliate.

The minute you eat ‘normal’ food again, your body will immediately store it as fat, and you will end up gaining twice as much. The knack is to combine exercise with good eating habits. Then with determination and hard work a losing centre meters or a heathy body mass will be achievable.

I know it is hard to hear but exercise really is the most effective way to beat the bulge; by building muscle, you burn calories even when you’re resting. It is a lifestyle change you want not a quick fix. Just like there are no easy ways to get rich-you have to work hard and invest wisely. The same applies to your body and your health. Exercising your body and maintaining a good weight is your investment into longevity.

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It gets your heart pumping and makes you work up a sweat though, I admit, it is incredibly difficult to begin exercising. Nevertheless, worth it, regardless of the struggles because there are so many benefits: it is an instant ‘pick me up’. It will boost your self-esteem because losing weight means you look great and the increase in blood flow will do wonders for your skin. It helps you think clearly by helping reduce stress; it also improves your libido and boosts your immune system. 

What more motivation do you need? You have to start with basic exercises that aren’t too taxing e.g., Vigorous household chores, then as your fitness levels increases your exercises should become more complex e.g., aerobics. There are many different exercises to choose from and it depends entirely on your level of fitness or what your doctor recommends. Once you have made your choice, remember late afternoon or early in the evening is the best time to exercise. 

So, if you are reluctant to check out gym membership options especially in these pandemic times OR if you just break out in cold sweats when you think about being on display while you all blotchy and red faced. Well then, how about a treadmill?

treadmills for home

Treadmills are a wonderful exercise tool. They help you lose weight in the privacy of your own home and for their convenience you don’t need to sell one of your kidneys because there are some good budget friendly treadmills out there. Depending on the horsepower you need, they are priced accordingly, and any good treadmill has at the very least, a one-year warranty on the motor. 

Look for good belt motion and handrails that are within a comfortable touching range, to stop a fall does not cause one. Pre-set modes and programmes are nice bonus features but remember you sometimes have to pay more for special or certain features.

Treadmills can sometimes be bulky to store but it’s not impossible to find one that stores well as for the noise, again quite possible to find one that doesn’t sound like a construction site unless you like that sort of thing. The make and model are important when it comes to wear and tear. Getting a treadmill that you can jog on is not the same as getting one that you have to run on unless you want your treadmill to bounce around with you as you run.


Weight loss doesn’t have to be a mission or a well thought out execution but a life changing step that brings great rewards to your emotional as well as your physical wellbeing. Go on; take that step to vitality…don’t question, don’t think, just DO…

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