What Are The Differences Between Porcelain And Stoneware?

Cooking is like art. There are differences in all art and differences in the way artists work. You need to use different brushes and paints to get different effects. Sometimes, food cooks better in different types of dishes.

Difference between porcelain and stoneware
Depending on the type of dish, sometimes it can make a difference in the cooking and flavor of your food! Different types of materials that you use to cook, change the taste and texture of your foods. Food can’t be cooked equally well in everything. There are a lot of different types of materials that you use to cook with.

When it comes to cooking dishes, example, using clay pots for cooking, the best ones are called stoneware and/or ceramic. These two types can also be interchangeable because sometimes they will say ceramic when they really mean stoneware. Ceramic can be defined as a form of stoneware. Even though they are synonymous, you might find “ceramic” to be a little bit more expensive than general or other kinds of stoneware.

Ceramic stoneware is also more robust compared to the general types of stoneware. Also, when it comes to baking dishes, make sure you get cooking or baking dishes. Many stores will say “baking dishes” but not make it clear whether or not they are indeed baking dishes. You also need to get oven-safe dishes because some of the baking dishes aren’t oven-safe!

Using ceramic stoneware for dining

What does stoneware look like?

Most stone dishware has a dark or grey color. Stone pottery can be created in a variety of different colors and styles. The most popular style is the dark grey-blue color that resembles stone. Since it is not actual stone, your tableware will not get damaged easily like other materials such as glass or ceramic. 

They are made from natural materials like volcanic ash, clay, and quartz, which is fired at a very high temperature, making it durable and scratch resistant. The clay mixture could be molded into plates, tiles, bowls, and so on.

How are stoneware dishes made?

Stoneware is made through a process called high-pressure molding. First, the clay is taken from a pit and then crushed into powder. The powdered clay is mixed with water to form a slurry, which is spread out into round or square shapes to dry. Later, the dried clay is crushed again and then mixed with other materials such as quartz powder. 

The mixture is then compressed into a mold that has the same shape as the finished product, such as plates, bowls or serving dishes. Lastly, the clay is fired at a high temperature for it to solidify.

making stoneware plates

How long do stoneware dishes last?

Stoneware dishware is designed to last for years. It can actually be used daily without it wearing down easily. However, using tools made of metal when serving food on the plates should be avoided in order to avoid damaging the surface of the dish. 

Stone dishware adds elegance and sophistication into any table setting, and is a great addition to any home. It can last for many years if properly cared for.

Maintaining your stoneware dishes

  • Stoneware dishware must be hand-washed instead of being put into a dishwasher. Plates that are being washed in the dishwasher may loosen over time due to the vibration or shock which may cause them to break into pieces.
  • Stoneware dishes should also not be used on stovetops as direct heat from the fire can damage the surface, and using the plates in the oven or microwave can cause it to crack and break into pieces.
  • Stoneware dishes should also be stored away after use as direct contact with metal utensils may cause scratches on the surface which may lead to cracking. Using plastic covers when storing stoneware dishes is recommended.
  • Other precautions in using stone dishware: Do not use stones and metal scrubbing pads when cleaning stoneware dishes.
  • Avoid drinking hot liquids from the glass as it may crack or break easily due to sudden changes in temperature.
  • Stone dishware may also develop cracks if exposed to sudden changes in temperature from ice-cold water to direct heat from a stovetop or oven.
how to care for stoneware dishes

What is porcelain dishware?

Porcelain is used for all types of dishware. It’s made from an advanced type of clay that is baked to be extremely hard and durable. Porcelain dishes are both very durable and lightweight, making them ideal for everyday use. The durability keeps it from getting damaged by frequent use over time, but porcelain should still be handled with care.

What are the differences between porcelain and stoneware?

Porcelain is made from fine white clay, while stoneware tends to be darker. Stoneware may also have more decorative designs due to its translucent quality. Porcelain dishware can come in a variety of colors, whereas only certain types of stoneware are glazed. 

Stoneware is more durable than porcelain, which means it can be used for multiple purposes over time. Porcelain is more delicate and should be handled with care to prevent chipping or cracking.

porcelain dishware

Final thoughts

Stoneware dishware can be used for many purposes, while porcelain dishware is designed for casual use. Both dishes are durable in their own way, but stoneware has more benefits than porcelain. Porcelain dishes should be handled with care to prevent chipping and cracking while stoneware can last through various activities such as cooking and baking.

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