Why Treadmills Are A Good Idea For Home Exercise

The Treadmill is probably a good option to consider when you come face to face with the same or a similar situation such as this….

You are an avid runner but three kids later or possibly ten thousand beers later your running time is just not what it used to be. So, you book a spot in a small running group, you feel like a million bucks in your new apparel including mask and you begin stretching like the skilled runner you once were. 

The group starts off and you smirk as you pass by them with ease, the theme to Rocky “Eye of the tiger’’ blares through your mind like an anthem as you feel empowered. Five minutes pass… you start to slow down and somehow the group seems to have caught up with you. You shrug and soldier on. 

treadmills for home

Ten minutes pass… the tune for “Eye of the tiger” seems to be overshadowed by your incredibly ragged breaths. A humiliating half an hour later… you are drenched with sweat; you cannot seem to recall ‘that’ song as you blink back polka dot vision realizing you are all alone and that the group all but deserted you a good twenty minutes ago. A searing side pain grips forcing you to a standstill and standing there feeling like a fool, you finally admit defeat. A treadmill will allow you to get your fitness levels back without any loss to your pride and at your own pace.

Or how about this scenario…. in dawning horror, you press the buttons on your satellite dish remote control for the umpteenth time realising that it needs new batteries which you unfortunately forgot to buy. You break out in cold sweat at the thought of how far your couch is from your flat screen and your limbs become heavy laden as you assess the distance of manually changing the channel. Exaggeration? Maybe…then again maybe not. Denial comes in many forms. 

What has denial got to do with all this you may ask… well, the answer is simple… its denying the need to stay fit and keep in shape. Exercise is essential to vitality as well as longevity and is quite often neglected. The best way to workout is in the comfort of your own home so let us discuss treadmills as a good tool to use in privacy of your very own abode.

treadmills for home

Benefits to using a treadmill 

  • Has a movement friendly walking area and most have a thick belt for jogging or walking. Thick belts are a good idea for when you have moments of clumsiness, you can right yourself and will not trip on the sides due to lack of space or knock yourself unconscious on the too-close-side hand grips.
  • Also has good frames that support good hand grips to keep your balance while walking or running.
  • However, there are smaller belt thickness running areas available for different treadmills which also offer foldable hand support frames.
  • Some have built in heart rate monitor to optimize your workout.
  • A good few have a quick, noiseless, and easy fold up mechanisms that saves you storage space.
  • Specific treadmills have powerful and quiet motors that allow for good variations of speed throughout your workout also allowing for noise control any time of the day.
  • Some provides comfortable shock absorption as you jog or walk.
  • Plenty options of treadmills offer programmed workouts to assist in keeping your workouts fresh and not prone to stagnation.
  • Having the option to walk or run-on incline is also good so keep a lookout for those kinds of treadmills as well.
  • Various treadmills lifetime warranty on both the motor and frame.
  • The prices of a number of treadmills are surprisingly affordable and will not thankfully cost you a kidney.
treadmills for home use

You need to read reviews carefully and take note of any users that may have complained or made a concerned note of any likely problem with your chosen treadmill. Such as if you intensify your workout to a full out run, will your treadmill start to wobble a bit. Some treadmills are meant for walkers and joggers not veteran runners.

So…if you are experienced and intense workouts are what you crave then a tough treadmill with a steady frame is what you look for.

Where to find a treadmill?

There are many on-line stores and vendors but searching out deal after deal could become tiresome so stick to the tried and trusted sites. “The trouble with jogging is that by the time you realize you’re not in shape for it, it’s too far to walk back.” So, basically it is safer to just get a treadmill…just saying.

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