Best XXXL Dog Crates for Homes Reviewed

What would be the purpose of XXXL Dog Crates? Well, let us state a fact that every dog lover knows, dogs are more than just man’s best friend. They are lovable creatures that are loyal to a fault and an incredibly adorable addition to any family.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my two German Shepherds…I adore them but due to their high intelligence, they are super mischievous. Hence many “ahhhhhhh cute” moments i.e. when they remember tricks and many “I’m going to kill you” moments i.e. chewing my shoes (AND I LOVE MY SHOES!) or digging up (or eating) our garden.

XXXL dog crate

Then it is the “accidents” you need to consider, the little puddles you step into which makes you cringe in horror. You are terrified to check whether your toes are either covered in poo or pee.

In a hurry and need a quick reference list?

These, my friends, are one of the many reasons why XXXL dog crates were made. Giving us home-dog owners some time to recoup and also to control their doggie environment. Below are a few dog crate options and reviews to help you decide what it is you want from your crate so your furry friend can be most comfortable.

XXXL Dog Crates Reviewed - Our List of the Top 6




Base Tray


Midwest Homes Crate
49L x 31W x 32H Inch

Single / Double


AmazonBasics Crate
48L x 30W x 32.5H Inch

Single door design


2PET Foldable Crate
XX Large 36 inches

Single door design


Not included
New World Dog Crate
48L x 30W x 33H Inch

Single door design


Petmate Sky Carrier
48L x 32W x 35H Inch

4-way vault door


Not included
Aspen Porter Carrier
36L x 25W x 27H Inch

Single door design


Not included

Midwest Homes Crate: 48-Inch w/ Divider

A dog crate is a must-have for every dog owner and if you are looking for the perfect one, this crate from Midwest is the right choice for you. The dog crate comes in a good size that will be enough for a full-grown dog. It is designed in a way that will provide your dog with security and comfort at the same time. 

The features of the crate include safe and secure slide-bolt latches, E-coat finish, rounded finish, removable and washable pan. This makes it very easy for you to clean the crate when need be.

The crate is super easy to set up, you will not need any special tools nor will you require any help because you can do it all on your lonesome. It also comes with a divider which is very important during the puppy phase of growth. It allows you to adjust the area and increase the living area for your furry friend. 

This crate from Midwest also comes with a year warranty so you can be sure you are purchasing a product of high quality.



What customers say about the Midwest Homes Crate: 48-Inch w/ Divider

"Very impressive I was hesitant about buying this dog crate because of the few negative reviews it had but am very happy I decided to buy. I got two of them and they are perfect for my dogs' because they have plenty of space that allows them to have room for stretching. Sometimes they even lay in the same crate and they seem comfortable. My daughter who is 20 years old can enter the kennel plus the dog and there is still some space left!"
dog crates 4
Cindy Stevens

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

Are you looking for an effective training tool for your dog? Well, it turns out this dog crate from AmazonBasics is what you are trying to find. The dog crate is perfect for both full-grown dogs and puppies. It is, without doubt, one of the best XXXL Dog Crates. It comes in a single-door design and the door is foldable making the crate even more convenient. 

You can use the dog crate for potty training, house training, and training him on how to follow house rules. Or you can use it for simply providing your dog with more security. The crate will comfortably accommodate your adult dog or your puppy when he is all grown up. It is made of metal wire that provides the strength needed and the cage is foldable for easy storage. It comes with a divider panel that is vital when it comes to dividing and increasing space for a growing puppy. 

As the puppy grows, you simply move the divider to create a larger space for him to feel more comfortable. It is easy to set up and even easier to store and maintain. A removable base is included to make it easier for you to clean the kernel. It is simply what your dog needs.



What customers say about the AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

"My Pitbull mix loves it and I love it too coz he can't eat my floor now. To start with, the 42-inch crate is huge for my Pitbull, but he loves it. I love it too because it is sturdy, and the quality is also impressive. The crate is big enough that my dog and I fit in it without straining. It does not have any sharp corners and anyone saying it's hard to set up is probably an idiot!"
dog crates 4

2PET Foldable Dog Crate

If you are looking for a dog crate that you can use for your dog during travels, you have just found the one. Unlike the other dog crates, this one is unique. It is simple to use, lightweight, and transporting your dog has never been easier. 

It is foldable meaning it is easy to store and what makes it even more admirable is that it is made of strong steel tubes that are water-resistant. 

There is an additional fabric cover that makes it even more comfortable for your dog. The crate uses an innovative zipper design that makes it super difficult for the dog to chew and make an escape. It has ventilation for your dog to see the light while traveling. The mat included in the dog crate is washable. It is simply the cage you need if for easy transportation of your pet.



What customers say about the 2PET Foldable Dog Crate

"Great crate! The crate was exactly what I expected. We bought it as a secondary crate, and we use it in our living room and when traveling. My little puppy loves sleeping in this foldable crate and I recommend it to every dog owner!"
dog crates 2
Marcel Bell

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

This new world single door folding metal dog crate is everything you have been looking for in a dog crate. It gives you convenience and security. The dog crate includes a plastic leak-proof pan that is vital especially in an event of an accident. You are given a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. 

It is a foldable cage which makes it very easy to store and a perfect travel partner to have if you are going to be traveling with your pet. It’s recommended that you remove all the tags and collars before locking him in the crate to avoid any possible entanglement. It includes a divider to help you increase the space for the growing pets. 

The crate is highly customizable which allows you to create a customized environment for your lovely dog.



What customers say about the New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

"Super easy setup and tear down which is great The crate is easy to set up and tear down and it is also super easy when it comes to storage. It is way bigger than I expected. I was worried that it wouldn't be enough for my adult dog but to my amazement, it is more than enough."
dog crates 3

Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Sky Kennel is a dog crate that has been designed to provide your lovely pet with maximum protection and stress-free as it is very comfortable. The 4-way vault door offers even more security ensuring that your dog cannot possibly escape from the cage. 

The dog cage also comes with as handle meaning you can use it when you are traveling long distances with your lovely dog. It has a comfortable base and enough ventilation to ensure that your dog gets enough air at all times. It is large enough for most dogs but if you feel that your dog is larger than the measurements, there is a larger version of this crate. 

The larger versions offer even more security and they are perfect to be used at home while the smaller versions are perfect for outdoor activities. Petmate Sky Kennel is one dog crate you should consider especially if for transportation purposes.



What customers say about the Petmate Sky Kennel

"No kernel is airline approved but this one is close enough to meet all the requirements required by the airlines. It is approved by IATA and USDA."
dog crates 1

Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Carrier

Aspen Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Carrier is very safe and secure for transportation of your pet and it is also comfortable, giving your dog the peace of mind required during the travels. The heavy-duty plastic shell and metal screws ensure that the security is at top-notch. 

The door comes with is durable and but easy to open allowing the pet parent to open the door when the need be. The plastic pan on the base is easy to clean and it easy to assemble that anyone can assemble it. The kernel also has some additional features that come depending with the carrier you buy. 

It comes in 13 different colors so you can be sure to choose the color that you love the most. Most Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Carriers meet the cargo airlines requirements, but you should check with your airline before carrying the pet with you.



What customers say about the Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Carrier

"Sturdy, well made. The pet cage works perfectly for my 3 months pet to grow into. I bought one because of the color but I found it is even of a higher quality than I had anticipated. It fits perfectly in my SUV and I find it easy to travel with it. It is made very well and it's sturdy just as it is described. "
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Beginner Guide: XXXL Dog Crates - What to look for

1. Size of crate and dog 

The kernels come in fixed sizes which are normally described in the store you are buying from. What you should consider is the size of your dogs and see if he will be comfortable in the cage you are about to buy. If you feel one cage will not be comfortable for your dog, just consider another option because there are normally many varieties available.

2. Material: Plastic, metal, and fabric

The material of the crate is another thing that you should consider before purchasing a dog crate. It is probably wise not to choose a plastic dog cage because some dogs react to the plastic material and they are not very secure anyway. A metal cage with some fabric cover on the base is very comfortable for your dog and the good thing is that metal cages are always very secure. 

It is not easy for your dog to escape from a metal cage. All in all, the comfort of your dog is what matters the most so ensure to go for the one your pet feels most comfortable.

3. Safety features

There are have been cases of dogs that have died in their crates, so you need to be very careful on the crate you choose. Make sure you do some research before opting for a cage so that you don’t end up regretting it.

Why every dog owner should have a dog crate

The Final Verdict

Overall, the MidWest Homes Dog Crate offers the most number benefits while keeping any negative attributes to a minimum, making it the leader of the competition in our XXXL dog crates review.

The 2PET Foldable Dog Crate is the runner up and perfect for your dog’s comfort, while being easy to clean.

Lastly, the Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier offers you the best of both worlds i.e. quality and price. Allows you the same functionality of the larger dog crates, as well as being travel friendly.


Dog eyes are so gorgeous, I usually forgive them anything and they want to always be with you, it’s very flattering however there are times when you need some “alone” time. Such as when my hubby and I are feeling romantic. We in the moment: gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, caressing each other tenderly, moving slowly towards each other. 

The butterflies are turning into raging bulls and the temperature is rising then… BARK! Big eyes are watching with his head cocked to the side with an expression saying “watcha doing?” and just like THAT the mood is gone (as you can imagine hahaha). 

Get yourself one of these XXXL Dog Crates, it will be an investment into your sanity and your sex life…yes, I said it! I said, I said cause I can!

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