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My hubby and I are always up for an adventure. That sometimes includes changing things up especially our home and that usually comes with lots of crazy ideas as well as many, many differences of opinion. I like splashes of color with a ‘old’ Rome-like vibe and my objective: comfort and relaxation. Hubby likes a modern vibe with neutral, bland colors and his objective: sophisticated and classy.

We have three kids: a severely disabled little warrior, a daughter who is 11 going on 40 and an 8-year-old energizer bunny. Our youngest would happily jump, maul or climb on all my husband’s ‘sophistications’ so needless to say his way is not very practical.

We are forever doomed to endeavor debates on our home preferences because we are strong personalities who are polar opposites that do not always agree on many if not all things. However, after 16 years of marriage (which was a walk in the park…Jurassic Park!), he learnt that I am always right and that women rule while men drool. Yeah no #eyeroll that is clearly NOT how it went down (because he is frankly in denial). Frankly what we really learnt is that compromise is essentially one of the keys to a happy marriage. So that is what we do… compromise (after a heated debate).

Firstly, we know CHANGE is hard and sometimes messy. Secondly, at times CHANGE calls for reinvention not particularly a different location but a ‘facelift’. We have become masters of weighing options, giving concise choices and recommendations as we ‘sell’ our ideas to each other in our quest to compromise. Therefore, trust me when I say that we know all the ‘in’s and out’s’ of how to make ideas work for us.

What we will endeavor to provide you with here at ideasforhomerenovations.com:
  • Practical how-to guides that won’t make you cross-eyed
  • Product face-offs to help you choose the best of the best
  • And extras to help make your safe place, much homier!

Contrary to my husband’s philosophy… I believe that this transition could be fun. Reinventing your home, apart from being messy, is exciting so pop-in regularly for witty anecdotes as we push boundaries (and each other’s nerves). We too are going through home renovations and reinventing our happy place.

In conclusion, we will also be creating a haven here for you. So, don’t wait for an invitation to reinvent your home, be bold and be brave…I dare you.

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