Best Food Storage Containers for Leftovers

As a mom, the best food storage containers for leftovers and I have become fast friends over the years. Sometimes we moms spend a large portion of our day slaving away in the kitchen for little people who literally do not care a wit about our sacrifice. 

best food storage containers

I remember many a meal, where I’ve went all Jamie Oliver and my little munchkins would be like, “Mommy can I just have chocolate spread.” Or my husband, “I would have just eaten the salad, wifey.” Apart from wanting to go all Darth Vader on my family and telepathically throw the food at them, I’ve sighed and packed up the leftovers for later (O, I MAKE them eat it later, believe me).

And I’m also one of those women who would not even blink an eyelid when I’m offered leftovers to take home, while visiting family or friends. “Heck yes Susan I’d love to!” (don’t judge motherhood is hard).

In a hurry and need a quick reference list?

Therefore, food storage containers are so important and I’m pretty sure we all have at least one overcrowded cabinet filled with them. Your reason for having lots of storage containers in the cabinet is most likely the same as mine, it’s an essential must-have for food preservation or meal preps. 

The ideal way to not let food spoil is to invest in some good storage containers. What makes a good container? Easy, a container that will keep air out and food in so that it won’t dry out. The good news is our editorial team put together a list of well researched food storage containers. 

Review - Best Food Storage Containers For Leftovers

1. Rubbermaid Plastic Food Storage Containers with Vented Lids

Rubbermaid-Plastic-ContainersRubbermaid vented food storage containers are among the best food storage containers for leftovers. The set is packed with 30 containers and 30 lids. The lids are airtight, and they don’t leak so you have no problem with any sauces damaging your beautiful bag.

These containers are made from BPA-free plastic making it toxin free so you do not have to be bothered with eating unhealthy and intoxicated food. The containers can withstand a wide range of temperatures meaning they can be used in a freezer or in a microwave.

Above all, the food storage containers are a gem as they can be used to store different types of foods. The containers are versatile, easy to clean and use and most of all, they come at a very affordable price.


2. Fullstar Plastic Food Storage Containers with Lids

Fullstar-Pack-Food-Storage-ContainersOur second pick for the best food storage containers for leftovers is this 9-pack food storage container made by the reputable Fullstar manufacturers. The containers are the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for food storage containers that are not going to crowd his or her cabinet. They are easy to arrange, and with 3 different sizes, will provide you all you need to store your meals.

The container allows you to safely store your last night’s food and carry it to work or school avoiding costs of having to buy fast foods. This way you get to enjoy food which you have cooked, which is the best. After all, you are the best chef, aren’t you?

The containers are FDA approved so you can be sure that they are safe. The containers can also be placed in a microwave, but it is worth noting that the lid cannot be placed in the microwave. These cute containers are impact resistant meaning that it’s super difficult for them to break even after a fall.


3. 40-Piece Airtight Food Storage Containers Set - by FineDine

40-Piece-Airtight-Food-Storage-ContainersThese food containers are made by a family owned company that fully understand the importance of fast, easy and healthy storage of food. FineDine is a company you can trust, and they have been providing kitchenware for quite some time. 

Their items are always of high quality and these food storage containers are no different.

The lid is airtight, and it is nearly impossible for it to have any leaks. Furthermore, they have a leak proof seal making them even safer for your food. The safety of the food is guaranteed as the containers are FDA approved and they contain no harmful toxins. They nest inside each other making them super easy to store which saves you space.

All in all, the FineDine food containers are among the best food storage containers for leftovers in the market right now.


4. 5-Stars United Glass Food Storage Containers Set

Glass-Food-Storage-Containers-LidsThese truly amazing glass food storage containers sold by 5 Stars United deserves to be on this list. To start with, the containers are FDA approved so you are sure that you are buying a product that is not going to affect your health in any way.

The 6 pack container set are made from borosilicate glass, making it oven safe. The tempered glass containers are resistant to thermal shock, which means it can handle sudden temperature changes and ultimately making it environment friendly.

They are easy to clean, and they are going to keep your food safe for a long time. They can be used in a freezer and in a microwave without, however, do not place the lids in the microwave. While glass is very durable, you must remain careful with it.

Lastly, 5 Stars United has been in the market of making kitchenware for more than 10 years so you can count on their expertise to manufacture high quality products.


5. 24-Piece Bayco Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids

Bayco-Storage-ContainersBayco glass containers are also worth considering, they are made of high-quality glass that can be used for microwaving, cooking and storage. The containers are FDA approved and they are BPA free nor do they contain any other toxins.

They are available in different shapes i.e. squares, round and rectangular ones. Do not use the container in the microwave with its lid. The containers are freezer safe as well and not forgetting that they are leak proof.

Not only are these containers good for keeping dry foods, they are also great for storing soups or any other liquid foods. The containers are airtight, making them leak proof and therefore keeping your food fresh and odor less, so you can enjoy your meals hassle free.


6. 20-Piece Prep Naturals Glass Food Storage Container Set

Glass-Food-Storage-ContainersThese glass food storage containers are made by Prep Naturals, one of the most respected manufacturers of kitchenware items. The 20-piece container set (10 containers and 10 lids)  is very convenient allowing you to have meals on the go.

The lock system for the containers is exceptional and you can be sure of no spills in your bag when you are using the containers to carry food. If you looking to switch over to glass containers, then this is a set that is worth considering.

The borosilicate glass (strongest form of glass) that the containers are made from is very durable and shock resistant. The containers can be used in a microwave without any worries if you are not including the lid. You can eat healthy as these food storage containers are FDA & LFGP approved, as well as BPA-free.

The Prep Natural set is the only food storage container set with a full 5 star rating.


Beginner Guide: The Difference Between Plastic and Glass Containers

Growing up, I was not taught about the differences between plastic and glass containers. I guess it is not ones of those things’ parents consider as an important life lesson. However, these days we live so “fast” and convenient that we tend to pay little attention to the important details of our purchases. With modern technology and strict regulations, you are now able to consider plastic equally to that of glass containers.

Plastic Containers

It is important to understand the history of plastic containers and what you should be looking out for when you purchase your next food storage container set. Plastic is convenient, cheap and a safe option, especially when you have kids or like me, you tend to be a clumsy person. The thing to look out for is when you use the containers in a microwave.

There are forms of plastic containers which may contain a chemical known as Bisphenol-A (BPA). For many years, BPA has been used in polycarbonate plastics and unfortunately, it has the potential to seep into your foods when it is heated. Research shows that BPA is safe at low levels (Mayo Clinic – BPA FAQ), however, steer clear from it if you are able to avoid it.

The great news is that all our plastic containers in this review is BPA free. You do not have to be concerned about your health or your family’s as these containers can be used in a microwave (without the lids) with no issues at all.

Glass Containers

In general, glass is a safer means for storing foods compared to plastic. Glass is more durable and can be reheated without having to worry about chemicals leeching into your foods. Moreover, glass is easier to clean and won’t be stained with different food sorts. Glass is easier to recycle compared to plastic, making your glass containers Eco-friendly as well.  

When you are considering glass containers for food storage, make sure they are thick-walled and have secure lock features. Glass containers tend to be airtight and leak-proof for longer compared to its plastic counterpart. This is because glass does not warp when it is reheated in the microwave or oven.

All of our glass food storage containers in this review are made from borosilicate glass. This is the strongest form of glass and is also BPA-free. Glass containers that are made from borosilicate glass can be used in ovens and microwaves. They are dishwasher safe as well making cleaning less of a chore.


So, whether your intentions is considering the best food storage containers for leftovers or for food prep then you have come to right place. We trust that you have been able to narrow down your search through this review, and if so, then our job here is done…over and out.

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