Why Does My Blender Explode – A Home Guide

Blenders are amazing machines. They can take a simple mixture of fruits and vegetables, and turn it into a delicious smoothie in just minutes. But sometimes, something goes wrong.

“So, why does my blender explode?” In this guide, we will explore the possible reasons why your blender might be exploding, and provide some tips on how to prevent it from happening. But first, let’s get some basics out of the way.

why does my blender explode

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of blenders i.e. jug blenders and immersion blenders. Jug blenders have a jug attached to the blender machine, whereas an immersion blender is basically a stick with a blade on it. The jug of the jug blender is where you place your ingredients, and the blades at the bottom spins to mix everything together.

The jug blender has more power than an immersion blender, and is therefore able to blend harder food items like ice cubes. Both these types of blenders are electric, however, you do get some jar blenders that are manual and will require continuous shaking to blend ingredients.

These manual jar blenders are usually cheaper than electric ones, and do not come with as many safety features (which we will explain later).

2. Why does my blender explode?

Here are the 6 main reasons why your blender may be exploding:

1. Overheating

Food particles get stuck in between the blades and the bottom of the blender machine due to lack of maintenance, and over time this causes a build up. This build up can lead to overheating, and possible explosion. 

To prevent this from happening, clean your blender regularly, and make sure there is no build-up of food particles between the components.

2. Overfilling the blender

Filling your blender more than halfway can cause an overflow and explosion of your ingredients. Pressure is built up inside the blender, since there is no room for expansion. To prevent this, only fill your blender halfway with whatever ingredients you are blending.
overfilling a blender to cause explosion

3. Blending for too long

If the blender is on for too long, the pressure can build inside and cause an explosion. To prevent this from happening, make sure to blend your ingredients for a short time only. Usually, when you are blending for too long, you will begin to pick up a burning smell from the machine.

4. Not using a lid

Blenders are not supposed to be used without a lid on them, and this is especially true if you are blending hard ingredients (i.e. ice cubes). If you do not use a lid, the blade will suck the ingredients into it, allowing them to get trapped between the blade and bottom of your blender. 

As a result, the build-up of ingredients would eventually lead to a build-up of pressure, and possible explosion. To prevent this from happening, always ensure the blender is sealed tightly.

an open blender can cause a mess

5. Electrical failure

If your blender is electrically faulty, it may cause the blade to fail and block all ingredients from entering the machine. However, if this occurs, there is a high chance that you will smell burning from your blender, and it would be wise to switch the blender off immediately. 

Another cause of electrical faults may be a power surge. While you may not control the incoming voltage to your home, it might be a good investment to protect your home from unwelcomed surges.

6. Failing safety features

Blenders typically come equipped with safety features designed to prevent overheating and explosion. When the safety features on your blender begin to fail, it is possible for an explosion of ingredients to occur.
electrical failure causing explosion

10 Tips to prevent your blender from exploding

1. Follow the instructions

When you first get your blender, make sure to carefully read the instructions. Each blender has a different way of assembling and disassembling it, and it is important that you understand how to properly clean your blender. If you are not sure about the safety features of your blender, do some research and look at the manual.

2. Clean regularly

Most blenders recommend that you clean your blender after each use, and this is something you should strictly follow. Food particles and oil can cause a build up of material and lead to overheating. If you clean your blender regularly, it will lengthen the life span of your blender.

3. Make sure the jar is secured correctly

If your jar is not properly secured, ingredients will spill out and cause an overflow. If you notice that your blender is overflowing even though the lid is on properly, check if the jar is secured too tightly.

4. Only use your blender for what it was intended to

Blenders are typically multi-purpose appliances, but some blenders were designed for certain purposes. For example, if you want to make smoothies and soups in your blender, make sure it is possible to do so before you buy the blender.

5. Do not blend for too long

If you notice that your blender becomes progressively difficult to operate, this may be a sign that you should switch it off. While some blenders will allow you to run the blender for a while, other blenders will switch off automatically. For your best safety and to prolong the life of your blender, only blend for a short time.

6. Do not overload your blender

As mentioned before, if you overload your blender, the ingredients will get trapped between the blade and bottom of the blender. To prevent this from happening, only blend a small amount at a time.

7. Use your blender properly

There are certain precautions you should follow when operating your blender. For example, only use cold ingredients in a cold jar and never blend hot ingredients in a cold jar.

8. If the blender is not working, switch it off immediately

If you notice that your blender is having difficulty blending, or if you notice a strange noise, stop using the blender immediately. It is better to switch your blender off as soon as possible rather than continuing to use the blender. 

If you notice that there is a burning smell, this may be a sign that your blade has come loose or broken and needs to be repaired.

malfunctioning blender

9. Unfamiliar with your blender

If you are unfamiliar with your specific blender, it is a good idea to learn about what your blender can and cannot do. For example, while some blenders will allow you to blend hot ingredients, not all blenders are equipped to do this. It is important that you are aware of how your blender works, so that you can avoid an accident.

10. Malfunctioning blender

Blenders typically come with safety features and will shut off automatically when the blender is experiencing overload. However, if your blender is malfunctioning in some way, it is possible for the blender to overheat and explode. 

Even if you are careful, there may be a problem with your blender that you cannot see. If your blender is malfunctioning, you should contact the manufacturer or repair shop to see if it is covered under warranty.

Final thoughts

You should always be aware that a blender is a machine, and all machines have an element of risk associated with them. It is very rare for a blender to explode, but it is possible, so be careful and take care.

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