5 DIY Ways to Remodel Windows of Your Home

Man using a drill to fix windows as one of the DIY ways to remodel windows.

When it comes to home renovation, one of the most expensive projects you can undertake is window replacement. However, if your windows are not entirely broken and inoperable, you can try plenty of things before you rush to install new ones. That’s why we’ve asked the team from ideasforhomerenovations.com for help, and together with them, we’ve found five DIY ways to remodel windows in your home. Now roll up your sleeves and get to work!

DIY ways to remodel windows in five simple steps

Great windows do more than just let light in. They also make your home look nicer, save money on utility bills, lessen outside noise, and add security to your home. So if your windows aren’t providing any of these benefits, you might feel it’s time to replace them. But jumping straight to buying new windows without checking if you can still revive the old ones is one of the biggest renovation mistakes you can make.

Contractor wearing a hard helmet looking at a window in an empty room.
Before you rush to get your windows replaced, check if it’s possible to fix them on your own first.

Why? Because there are plenty of ways to upgrade your windows on your own, improve their overall performance, and extend their lifespan for quite some time. Given how extensive and expensive window replacement can be, it’s always better to try out some DIY ways to remodel windows first, and we’ve prepared five for you.

#1 Applying caulk or weatherstripping

The installation of new windows might help reduce drafts in your home. Cracks, gaps, and joints can be temporarily fixed by applying extra caulk or weatherstripping. Be careful and ensure that the old caulking is removed before applying the new caulk. Otherwise, the new bead of caulk may adhere properly. To install weatherstripping, research the best product for your windows.

#2 Give the frames and sills a fresh coat of paint

If you have PVC or vinyl windows, you can skip this tip. If you want to give your PVC or vinyl windows a fresh look, you could paint a border around them. On the other hand, if you have windows made of wood or fiberglass, you may simply paint the sills and frames to update their appearance. 

The best part is that you can get creative and play with bold colors that will make your windows pop. Or, you can always go for something basic and neutral, like white or beige. That will match any d├ęcor and, combined with bright walls, make the space feel bigger. That is especially important if you’re staging your home for sale.

Man wearing overalls painting a window frame white.
One of the simplest DIY ways to remodel windows is to repaint the sills and frames.

Painting your window sills and frames will allow you to repaint your walls. When you’re already making a mess, why not get a little more done in the process? Be careful and protect or put away your furniture and other belongings until the works are completed. Storing items when remodeling is always the best way to go, as you’ll be certain your belongings are safe and in the best condition. Ensure to pack your items neatly, and they’ll wait for you as you leave them.

#3 Add window film to protect panes

It’s not a secret that new windows boost energy efficiency in your home and help you significantly lower your utility bills. However, did you know you can extend the useful life of your current windows by a few seasons and boost their energy efficiency simply by applying window film? 

No window film, no matter how strong, can withstand the force of winds associated with a hurricane. What window film can do, however, is to keep the glass intact in the event of a break-in or a severe storm. Aside from these benefits, it can also prevent the transfer of heat and cold, block the sun’s ultraviolet rays, increase seclusion, and lessen glare. And if you feel that the film is not giving enough protection from the sun, you can always install an awning or shutters outside the home in addition to the window film.

#4 Try replacing your window treatments

Take a closer look at your window, and you might realize that the issue wasn’t it but the window treatments. If you have used the same curtains or drapes for years, the issue is likely with the window treatments. It’s time for a change, so buy some new ones or have shades or blinds put up.

Remember – window treatments can do much more than add style to a room. They can also help save money on heating and cooling costs. You may save money on your heating and cooling bills all year round by installing thermal curtains, energy-efficient blinds, and shades.

#5 Do a partial window

It’s simple to assume that your window options are all or nothing. However, you might be able to save money by simply replacing the screens, outside window frames, or other portions of the windows you already have installed. If your home is older and has many windows, you might save money by replacing them in stages over a few years. 

Man drilling into a window sill after finishing window replacement job.
You don’t have to replace your entire window if only one part is damaged.

A partial window replacement is an excellent option if you want to sell your home.  Considering all costs involved with your future sale, from finding a real estate agent to hiring pro movers, as experts from Four Winds KSA advise to help you with your move, investing in new windows is not cost-effective. 

Wrapping up

We hope the five DIY ways to remodel windows we’ve selected for you helped you extend the lives of your windows and make them feel brand-new again. Whether you plan on living in your home for a long time or looking to see, it’s a great way to save money while ensuring your windows are safe, efficient, and looking great.

That is especially true if you’re looking to sell. After all, investing in new windows is one of the top things you shouldn’t do if you’re planning to sell. Instead, do your best to improve the ones you already have in your home.

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