7 Home Improvements with the Best ROI

When you decide to sell your home, you can proceed with it in two ways. One is to list it “as-is,” which means not investing any more money in it and just waiting for the buyer who will like it just like that. This is a much easier option, but the downside is the lower price you will most likely get. If you want to get more money for your home, you’ll need to work on it. There are home improvements with the best ROI, and here are 7 of them you should focus on.

1.      Minor bathroom remodeling is one of the home improvements with the best ROI

Most people that have ever dealt with the real estate market in any way know that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. Naturally, you should evaluate yours and see if there are some improvements you could make there. Those that own smaller bathrooms are lucky in this respect, as they will have to invest less yet reap the biggest benefits. But even if your home is blessed with a large bathroom, you don’t have to invest too much to achieve a notable return on your investment. Statistically speaking, minor bathroom remodels are far more profitable than major bathroom refurbishments. Replacing the tiles and plumbing may be too much for your budget, but installing new faucets, renovating the bathtub or a shower, and giving your cabinets new fronts go a long way.

A tidy bathroom that looks as if it has been remodeled recently
One of the home improvements with the best ROI is bathroom remodeling.

2.      Kitchen remodeling makes a huge difference

As is the case with bathrooms, kitchen remodeling can make a serious impact on your home’s market value. The reason for that may be the fact that ordering a new kitchen from scratch is out of reach for many buyers. A lot of people are already stretching their budget thin with the very purchase. They may be able to make some minor corrections on their new home, but large investments are usually out of the question. Therefore, when they see a kitchen that is nice and in good condition, they become even more interested. There is no question whether it is worth investing in; it is only a matter of your funds and whether you can spend them on this issue.

3.      Adding more storage space can be a deal-breaker for some people

Modern society makes it very hard for us not to shop way too often and for items that end up unnecessarily filling up free space in our homes. Decluttering can handle this problem, but for some, it is an unpleasant or even painful activity. Experts from Helix Move VA, in these cases, always advise renting a storage unit and putting some of their stuff there. Whether you are a type that likes to collect things or a minimalist person, you will consider more storage in a home where you live a big bonus. Adapting your attic or a basement to be a kind of space the buyer will put away their belongings that are not in immediate use is a way to increase the market price of your home.

4.      Landscaping is not too expensive but increases your home’s curb appeal

Working on your home’s curb appeal is one of the home improvements with the best ROI. It doesn’t have to be a great investment for you, financially speaking. But it could take a bit of hard work and some time for the greenery in your yard to thrive. It’s not that the buyers are only looking for functional features. They want their new home to be physically appealing, and doing a bit of well-planned landscaping is like putting makeup on your home’s pretty face and making it even prettier.

A person doing some landscaping in a house’s backyard.
Landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does require some physical work.

5.      Replacing windows makes your home more energy efficient

Windows can cost a bit too much, but they do increase the home’s market value a lot. Many buyers are aware that good windows act as energy-saving devices because they help maintain the inner temperature without having to consume too much energy. They add to the beauty of the home apart from making it more environmentally friendly. And don’t worry; those that care about these features will find their way to your home, and the improvements you made in this respect will not remain unnoticed.

6.      Refreshing walls the right way gives your home a new look at an affordable price

Another one of the cheaper updates you can do around your soon-to-be-sold home is repainting its walls. With good color choices and maybe even an accent wall or two, your home can look completely different. But make sure it is a good-different because wall repainting mistakes can be counterproductive. Tastes vary among people, and the red wall you might find mesmerizing may be appalling to others. Worse, it may distract them from seeing the elements they would love in your home. When you are repainting your home for sale, always choose either a neutral color scheme or something very popular. But be careful with color trends because not everyone likes them. On the other hand, neutrals like soft greys, creams, and whites are generally liked by a very large number of people.

7.      Updating the flooring is something many buyers like done before the purchase

Like walls, the floors take up much space in your home. Replacing them with a more modern version or with some of the high-quality floors will be beneficial for the sale of your house. Today, there are wide varieties to choose from, so when your budget and your taste pair up, you can find just what you are looking for. Replacing the flooring is a lot of work, requiring removing furniture. That is something buyers know and appreciate when they don’t have to do it.

A man doing some measuring on the floor, obviously trying to replace the flooring properly.
Flooring can add value to your home significantly and the price of its replacement varies a lot.

Final thoughts

As you can see, most of these home improvements with the best ROI don’t require extreme amounts of money. It is far more important to choose wisely what it is that needs updating the most and which style and color choices appeal to the greatest number of people. Choosing to refurbish your home a bit before the sale surely delays reaching your goal by some time. But considering that you will be getting a better price for it due to these investments, it is worth a bit of patience and risk-taking on your behalf.

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