Fun Design Changes To Make Before Winter

a large number of decor items on a shelf

It’s a good idea to change the design and looks of our home from time to time. It will make your home feel fresher and like an entirely different space. This can be done in no time with just a little effort. Here are some fun and simple design changes to make before winter.

Make your fireplace stand out

A fireplace is one of the best focal points one can have in the living room. This is especially true when it’s wintertime, and the fire is lighting up the room. You can make your fireplace stand out this winter by redecorating the surrounding area. The décor you choose doesn’t have to be seasonal either. You can add one piece of art, such as a painted vase or a couple of small art pieces, to fill the empty space. This is also a good opportunity to have your meaningful things, such as family photos, displayed for everyone to see once they enter the room.

Another good idea is adding a mirror above the fireplace. Having a mirror in any room can make it feel bigger than it is, and the empty area above the fireplace is perfect for it. However you choose to redecorate the area around the fireplace, just make sure the décor complements it well and doesn’t overshadow it.

Create more room by storing away your summer clothes and décor

Clutter and mess can make even the most beautiful homes look bad. So, before you start implementing design changes in your home, clear it out. Nevertheless, this doesn’t have to mean parting with your favorite things. You can take all the seasonal items you have and have them put away for the season in storage to create more room in your home. By storing summer clothes during winter, they will be safe and not in the way when you’re redoing your home.

Other seasonal things you can put away in storage are summer décor and sporting equipment you know you won’t use for months. Instead of having these collect dust in your home, it’s better to send them into storage until next year. Now, you will have more room in your home without having to get rid of your things.

a fireplace in the middle of two chairs in a living room
Decorating your fireplace is one of the best design changes to make before winter

Adding sustainable décor is one of the best design changes to make

Before you go out to buy new décor items, check to see what you have right now in your home. Reusing what you already have is sustainable and can save you a lot of money, too. You can even make the decorations yourself before winter with the rest of the family and turn it into a fun activity for everyone.

In order to create sustainable décor, it’s best to use things that are made out of wood and glass. If you can’t find anything you can reuse, buy hand-made decorative items in your local area. This way, you will support a local artist while at the same time getting a unique piece of décor to have in your home before winter.

Add fun wallpaper to your home

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be overpowering in a room or go from the ceiling to the floor. It can be a really fun tool in design changes to make before winter in your home. You can use wallpaper to accent one area on the wall and bring some personality to the space. So, where would be the best places to do so? If you have open shelving, you can add wallpaper to the back of it. It’s a subtle and simple change that will make a big difference to the overall look of the shelving unit.

Next, put wallpaper on any awkward pillars you might have in your home. Follow it up with framed photos or a small mirror. You can add wallpaper on the inside of your drawers too. It will better prevent them from getting dirty and damaged while at the same time transforming them into something gorgeous.

one of the design changes to make before winter can be changing the linens to blue color, such as shown in the photo
Change the color scheme by changing the linens

Change the color scheme in your home before winter

A simple but very noticeable change is switching the color scheme in your home. This year, you can change things up a bit and add a new color scheme to your home. You can follow the winter theme and go with something bright blue and white. These colors can go great with any room, and you can accompany them with simple silver décor items.

On the other hand, you can create a cozy winter atmosphere by adding dark green and beige tones. You can do this by switching the pillowcases and tablecloths and adding new décor items that match the theme. As professionals from suggest, you can leave any items that don’t match the theme away in storage.

If you have a carpet or curtains that you can’t change, make sure that your new color scheme matches them in order to create the perfect look.

Change the lighting in your home

Lighting has a much more significant impact on the look of our home than we might realize. Even if we choose the perfect furniture and gorgeous décor, it can all be overshadowed by poorly lit rooms. With lighting fixtures, you can get creative. For your dining or living room, add a chandelier, which will not just light up the room but improve its overall look.

Nowadays, there are so many options for chandeliers besides the traditional, large crystal ones. As for the lampshades, you can pick and choose something that will go along with the theme. Whether you want a pattern or a solid color, you will definitely find something that will match. Switching out the lampshade is an excellent way to bring change into your home without spending money on a new lamp.

Another creative and fun idea you can implement is changing the light switch plates. Although most homes have them in a solid color, you can find a variety of options that will bring change to your home subtly. 

a unique chandelier in a living room
Change your lighting fixtures before winter

To conclude

Redesigning a space can be really fun and exciting, and even just making a small change can lead to significant results. When redesigning a space, there are so many practical and beautiful options we can consider. These design changes to make before winter are fun and easy to add to any home.

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