Small Bathroom Ventilation Ideas: A Beginner’s Guide

Image shows a small aesthetically pleasant white tile bathroom with a white bathtub, sink and toilet, silver accented with the taps as well as a well placed white ventilation system and a green potted house plant strategically placed beneath a big wooden paned window with blinds letting in some gorgeous sunshine.

Looking for some small bathroom ventilation ideas? From explaining why you need proper ventilation in the first place, to outlining the best ideas, to help you achieve optimal air quality in your small bathroom so you won’t have to worry about mold and mildew. Learn everything you need to know with our Small Bathroom Ventilation Ideas: A Beginner’s Guide!

Looking for some small bathroom ventilation ideas? Of course! That is why you’re here, right? You’ve come to the right place me maties! In this beginner’s guide, let’s explore some of the best ways to keep your small bathroom well-ventilated. Trust me – with these tips, you won’t have to hold your breath every time you step into your loo! So let’s do this…

Why do you need ventilation in your bathroom in the first place?

Do you ever feel like your bathroom is too humid? Sure, it’s small and cute, but if the air is too moist, you may find yourself dealing with a few uninvited guests – namely, moisture and all its ‘friends’. Yes, mold and mildew are never any fun! They are the ‘friends’ that drink too much and vomit all over you.

Thankfully, proper ventilation can help prevent these issues (FYI mildew and mold, not the vomit) by allowing excess humidity to escape the bathroom. This will mainly help protect against water damage as well as keep mold and mildew at bay.

Small Bathroom Ventilation Ideas

1. Don’t be afraid to open a window

If you’re worried about energy efficiency when it comes to giving your small bathroom some good ventilation, fear not! You can open up a window any time of year, even during the cold winter months (brrr).

Sure, there may be a chill in the air but nothing that throwing on a warmed towel can’t fix. And think of all the health benefits – proper air circulation will reduce moisture buildup in your bathroom and help combat mold, mildew and (big plus) lingering odors too.

If you’d rather not brave the wind blowing down from the North Pole, then consider adding an extractor fan – be sure you select one with multiple speed settings though, so it won’t give off more noise than necessary.

Image shows what looks like a white extractor fan

2. Use an extractor fan

Who knew a thing once only used to rid the kitchen of smelly onions and smoke fumes, would be the perfect tool to keep your small bathroom in tip top shape? Well, turns out extractor fans are not just for kitchens anymore!

Installing an exhaust/extractor fan in any size bathroom is a great way to remove excess moisture, keeping your walls from developing mildew. They also help reduce bacteria and allergens in the air, bonus for a good night’s rest instead of a stuffy nose and watery eyes. So don’t forget about those exhaust/extractor fans – a go-to for keeping your small bathroom at its best!

3. Keep your bathroom clean

Keeping your bathroom clean isn’t just about looks; it’s also a great way to keep the ‘smellies’ away. Staying on top of the cleaning can get tedious – trust me, I get it (worn that t-shirt) – but it will do wonders for getting your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

With a few handy tips such as proper ventilation, you’ll be well on your way to fresh-smelling safe haven where you can relax and take a well-earned break in peace.

4. If you have a pet…keep them groomed

Whether you have a tiny Yorkie or a huge Great Dane, if you have a pet, it’s important to ensure they’re well-groomed! We don’t just mean cute little bows, bandannas and Gucci style – keeping you furry clean is what I mean (I’m a poet and didn’t know it).

Wet dog hair and clogged drains are contributors to the bathroom ‘smellies’. Consider all options for your small bathroom, but don’t overlook basic grooming when saying “au revoir” to nasty smelling air!

Image shows blue gloved hands cleaning a silver tap in what looks like a white tiled bathroom with a spray bottle and a yellow wash rag.

5. Don’t use strong perfumes or scented candles in your bathroom

Do you feel like your small bathroom is more of a man’s locker room than a luxurious spa? If you want to finally escape the ‘smellies’ and create the perfect serene space then quick tip from me- don’t use strong perfumes or over-powering scented candles in your bathroom.

The combination of a small enclosed space with heavy scents can be quite overwhelming, so go for mild neutral or natural scents that will create an atmosphere of relaxation and have you feeling as if you’re in your own private paradise.

6. Try a natural air freshener like essential oils

Trying a natural air freshener/scent like essential oils is a great way to breathe some life into your small bathroom. Whether you opt for lavender, eucalyptus, or another sweet-smelling oil like rose (my fav), they provide an easy and cheap solution to make your bathroom smell delightful.

 Plus, there are plenty of creative ways you can use oils to give it that extra touch – add them to a diffuser. Let the scented mist take over your space, or spread a few drops on the floors so every time you take a step in your bathroom it’s like walking through a spa!

Image shows pretty flower in shades of purple surrounded by white flowers all with water drops placed on a wooden surface with four bottle scents flanked by two glass jars filled with scent sticks blurred in the background.

Final thoughts

Basically, a small bathroom doesn’t need to be a stuffy, smelly place. With the right combo of good air flow and cleanliness, it can be a refreshing space to get pumped for the day or wind down for the night.

 Being on the smaller side does require some clever ventilation solutions so devote some time getting to knowing your space. Once you’ve got that sorted and made sure all the bodies are using it properly (like ‘if you sprinkle when you tinkle be a sweetie and wipe the seatie’) Go ahead, vent!

Good luck!

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