What’s the best time of year to renovate

A man writing down some renovation plans on a big piece of paper on a wooden table.

Renovating your home is always a good idea. Numerous improvements might boost your home’s worth, prepare it for when you eventually move in, add room for expanding your family, or simply make your home more comfortable to live in. As you may already know, renovations require extensive planning before any work is ever started. This is why it is essential to understand the best time of year to renovate. 

The ups and downs of different seasons

Many factors will influence the final answer of what season is best, such as your intended renovation project, budget, and needs. Let us go first through the different seasons and understand their ups and downs when renovating your home. 


Once the brighter and warmer days arrive, so does the demand for home renovations. Spring is often considered the best time of year to renovate, and it can be a hectic season. This means you may not be able to find contractors that will be available for your intended renovation date. However, if you plan beforehand, you can surely renovate during spring.

Before booking contractors, make sure you have everything planned from materials, budget, and permits. We advise booking contractors as early as autumn the previous year.


  • Not as busy or hot as summer
  • Sunny weather


  • Busier than autumn and winter
  • Possible rain and wind
A white and gray home with plenty of fields during a sunny day.
Spring is a great season to renovate your home if you start planning beforehand.


The most popular season for renovating your home is not hard to guess – it’s summer. During this season, many people tend to focus on their homes and have the motivation to make them better. According to zippyshelllouisana.com, most people also decide to move out during the summer season.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that finding contractors available to work on your home can be very challenging. The only solution is to plan incredibly ahead of time. 


  • Sunny weather
  • Longer days


  • The busiest season of all
  • Possible high humidity


Although summer can be quite busy, many people tend to wait until it passes to book their renovations. This, in turn, makes fall also a popular season for renovations. Specifically, renovations dealing with the outside of your home since this is the last chance to transform it before the cold months begin. Proper planning can help with booking renovations for the fall season. 


  • Less busy than summer
  • Timely before the holiday season


  • Shorter days
  • Unpredictable weather


Winter is the most underrated and least popular season of all. This is mainly due to the freezing weather and the holiday season. Most people want to enjoy their homes while bundling up under cozy blankets. However, do not underestimate this season. You are more than likely to find available contractors for any renovation project; just make sure it is not weather dependent. 


  • Available contractors
  • Perfect for indoor projects


  • Cold weather
  • Possibly pricier materials

Different renovations and their optimal seasons

Now that we understand the ups and downs of each season, we will go through some of the most popular renovations and the best seasons to do them.

Giving your kitchen a facelift

If you are planning on upgrading your kitchen, the best time to do so is whenever you can go a few weeks without cooking food. Numerous factors influence this. However, for most, summer seems to be the best time of year to renovate their kitchen since they can go on vacation while the contractors work.

Another solution for those warm months is simply cooking outdoors on your barbecue. On the other hand, thanks to Labor Day and Black Friday discounts, autumn is the optimum time to buy appliances to get the best price.

A gray kitchen with a beautiful green plant on the left kitchen counter.
Any season can fit your kitchen remodel if you find ways to cook food elsewhere.

Remodeling your bathroom

Bathroom renovations typically take two weeks to complete. Like the kitchen, the best time to renovate depends on when you can go without using your current bathroom. Sometimes, you may already have a different washroom to use, so the season when you choose to renovate is irrelevant.

On the other hand, you can choose summer if you plan to be away. However, the best optimal time for such renovations is during late winter or early spring since contractors will be available to give your bathroom the attention it deserves.

Roof maintenance

Although most people might think summer is the best season for roof maintenance, this may not be the case. In most cases, summer is quite a hot month for such tasks. Spring can be too rainy and winter too cold, which makes fall the right choice. Of course, if fall is quite rainy where you are, summer will have to be the better but sweatier option.

If you intend to change your roof entirely, always pick the driest months and reap the benefits of portable storage units. Place all of your belongings from the attic in storage units, and you will feel safe knowing you have all your things there as protected as they can be. Once the work on the roof is completed, you can bring your possessions back into the attic.

A man fixing up the roof while crouching on top of it.
Your roof should be handled during the drier months.

Improving your curb appeal

There are many different ways you can improve your curb appeal and different seasons that are optimal for such projects. Landscaping is best done in summer since that is the optimal time for plant growth. If you are building an outdoor brick fireplace, spring can be a great season if it isn’t too wet.

On the other hand, if you are pouring fresh concrete, the ideal time is a cold, dry fall day. However, even winter can be a good season if you are dedicated enough to protect the plants during winter so they may blossom when spring comes.

Paint jobs

The best time of year to renovate your home by painting the walls depends on the type of paint job you are after. Warm, dry days are ideal for painting the house’s exterior since they make the paint work better. Early summer and fall are often the greatest times for outdoor painting projects because they have little likelihood of precipitation and slight night-to-day temperature variation.

However, if you want to refresh the inside of your home, winter is perfect since there is low humidity and more available contractors.

In conclusion

Now that we have looked at the various home renovations, it becomes clear that different types of work are a natural fit for some seasons. However, there isn’t one universal answer when trying to determine what’s the best time of year to renovate. Most people prefer to tackle any major renovation in the spring, and winter is obviously less popular. Although, as long as you are in the mood to get things done around the house, there is never a wrong time.

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