7 Home Improvement Projects You Should Tackle This Spring

Bumblebees are buzzing and jamming from flower to flower. They want to collect as much pollen as they can carry. It will be useful in repairing their sweet little homes that suffered damage during the winter. Squirrels, birds, beavers… every living being is rebuilding their home when the spring knocks on the door. Humans are not an exception.

A tree with flowers in spring
The need for building and making home adjustments during this season has been embedded deeply in our genome. So, to make it easier for you, we’ve made a list of seven home improvement projects you should tackle this spring.

Gutter maintenance isn’t the most exciting home repair chore, but it’s vital. Particularly after a long winter, when gutters can take a hammering from all of the snow and ice that accumulates. Be sure that the gutters are not blocked and that the downspouts divert the water at least five feet away from your home.

The good news is that this might be a simple and inexpensive do-it-yourself job. You’ll need a ladder, some elbow grease, and possibly a strong stomach. If you haven’t already, consider installing a gutter guard system. It keeps debris out and water in, so you’ll spend less time cleaning your gutters.

Cleaning gutters is one of the most important home improvement projects you should tackle this spring

2. Do a deck or patio makeover

Starting a deck makeover in the early spring will ensure it is ready for barbecue season. A deck will also be a sensible investment that can increase the selling value of your property in the future.
Remodeling a deck often consists of:

• replacing boards

• sanding

• refinishing

• painting

It may range in price depending on the extent of the work. If your vision includes more than simple tile cleaning, you’ll probably be considering a complete renovation. In this case, consider hiring professionals. You’ll be able to relax in the shade in no time if you do your homework and choose a reputable contractor.

3. The roof

Once the snow has melted, you’ll want to assess your roof visually. There’s no need to bring out the ladder; take out your smartphone and zoom in. Any apparent damage, such as missing shingles, should be reported as soon as possible to a roofing contractor. If you fail to maintain your roof, what might have been a simple remedy becomes an expensive annoyance, such as water damage, in the future.

If case of extensive damage, you may need to replace the roof. Roof replacements are an excellent example of a job that enhances a home’s aesthetics and functionality. Adding a new roof to your house will make it cozier and may boost the value of your property by 7%. Also, the typical mid-size roofing project provides a return on investment of close to 70%.

4. Fencing is one of the smart home improvement projects you should tackle this spring

The beginning of spring is an excellent time to complete that fence project. The procedure will be less time-consuming because the ground will not be frozen. Fencing is a terrific way to define and personalize your outdoor area while also providing privacy. 

If you’re thinking about landscaping or gardening for your yard, you may want to add a hedge (a boundary made up of bushes or small trees). Besides aesthetics, fencing may also serve the practical purpose of keeping dogs away from your precious flower gardens.

Two types of fences

5. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

If you want your heating and air conditioning system repaired or installed, the optimal time is after the brutal winter has gone and before the summer heatwave starts – in the spring. But, if you wait until the summer to install a cooling system, you will have difficulty finding HVAC technicians who will be available. If you’re installing air conditioning, now is the time to consider whether you should go with a central system or individual room units.

But, keep in mind that all this will be time and space-consuming, so it might be a good idea to move out during the works. You need to pack the belongings you want to be protected and ensure you use the right type of moving boxes for each item. There are many options to choose from, so make sure you explore them.

6. Don't forget the windows

It’s challenging to use an air conditioner if windows aren’t properly sealed. Before summer arrives, inspect your windows for the following damage:

• Window-frame gap

• Frame rot

• Window cracks

• Leaks of air

An air leak might be hard to detect. A smoke test is one approach to check for an air leak. Close all windows and doors before testing. Shut off any combustion appliances like the furnace, water heater, or oven. Then turn on bathroom and kitchen fans to generate negative pressure and draw in fresh air via window and door cracks.

Next, light an incense stick near a window. Air leaks cause smoke to vary and draw inward. The smoke won’t alter if there’s no leak. If you need a new window, it’s best to choose an energy-efficient one.

7. Give your home some life with color

Spring is the perfect time to revive your home exterior with a pop of color. Have you noticed how people change their hair color after a difficult period of life? These past two years have been difficult for your home too, so it might be perfectly symbolic to change its color now. 

Also, according to experts from Best Movers NYC, freshly painted houses are more appealing to potential buyers. So, there’s another reason to take that painting brush and get creative.

Bowls of paint

Final thoughts

The important thing about tackling home improvement projects in spring is the creativity that it brings out in you. Besides these ideas, you can let your imagination loose with some lovely craft rooms ideas or anything else that comes into your mind. Don’t be afraid to try new things. After all, spring is all about the rebirth of nature and going into the new.

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