How To Get Rid Of Cooking Smells In Small Apartments – A Home Guide

Let’s be honest, when it comes to small studios or one-bedroom apartments having a well-ventilated kitchen is very important. When cooking anything at all there are always going to be smells, no matter how well you try to control them.

small apartment smell
It is a simple fact, and it’s just something that you have to live with. The problem lies in trying to get rid of those smells that sometimes just refuse to leave. After all, why should they? They’re not the ones making the mess, so why should they be forced out?

Cooking smells linger around a house because of their molecular structure. You see, molecules are very sticky; they stick to surfaces and tend to stay where they land. Since certain molecules remain in the air it makes it very easy for them to attach themselves to fabrics, like carpets and drapes, as well as other surfaces like cabinets and tables.

Because of this, it makes the smells impossible to completely get rid of, so there is always going to be a slight scent around your house.

How to get rid of cooking smells in small apartments:

Idea 1: Wash all of the curtains in your house

This will help get rid of any smells that have found their way to them by breaking down the molecules and ridding your house of them completely. It is best to use cold water, which you should always be using for washing anyways.

Idea 2: Create an open window policy

Open the windows in your house to allow fresh air inside to get rid of any particles that may be floating around, and this is a practice best implemented while you are cooking.

Idea 3: Use candles

Place them near where you are cooking, or keep them in the kitchen all the time to help remove the particles from your house.
cooking with candles

Idea 4: Get a small fan

This will help circulate the air in your house, allowing the particles to be sucked out of the airflow and into another part of your home. If you can’t afford one, simply opening up windows will do.

Idea 5: Use an oil diffuser

These are wonderful for getting rid of cooking smells inside your home, and they will also help with allergies in small spaces.

Idea 6: Clean the walls

Make sure to clean the walls thoroughly when you are done cooking, as these tend to hold onto particles more than any other surface in your house.

Idea 7: Get a filter for your fan

These can be found in most hardware stores and will help to trap particles that may otherwise linger around your house (make sure you change it regularly for best results).

Idea 8: Use a deodorizer

Place this near where the smell seems to be the strongest, as this traps molecules easier than any other household item. Make sure to keep it up high so you don’t accidentally knock it over.

Idea 9: Use lemons

Lemons are wonderful for getting rid of cooking smells in small spaces, because the acidic particles help to break down any scents that may be left behind (slice them and leave them out overnight to create a wonderful scent around your home).

Idea 10: Wash your walls with vinegar

If you don’t want to clean them with everyday household items, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water to create a powerful mix that will help to remove the particles from your walls.

Idea 11: Use essential oils

Essential oils are great for creating a wonderful scent around your house, as well as covering up the smells left behind by cooking. For best results, just place a few drops on a light bulb and leave it on for a while.
essential oils for small apartment

Idea 12: Remove the carpeting

Carpeting is known to trap particles in your home, so if you have any it is best to get rid of them, unless you use some effective ways to clean your carpets regularly.

Idea 13: Add some flowers to your home

Flowers like rosemary, lavender, and peppermint are known for their strong scent, which can help to mask the smells left behind by cooking (just place them around your home).

Idea 14: Use air freshener to get rid of cooking smells in small apartments

These are terrific for getting rid of particles that may be lingering around your house, and they help to keep it smelling fresh (just don’t use them too often as they can be bad for your health).

Idea 15: Consider getting an air purifier

Air purifiers help to clear the air in your house and remove particles that may otherwise linger around (simply place them in the corner of a room and turn them on for best results, but keep up with changing filters).

Idea 16: Make your own cleaner

You can make powerful cleaners from household items like vinegar and baking soda, which will help to clear up the particles in your kitchen after cooking (be careful not to use too much of this, as it could cause problems).
Cleaning essentials

Final thoughts

Now that you know some of the best ways to get rid of cooking smells in small apartments, you should never have to worry about your house smelling like food again (make sure you try them all for the best results).

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