Best Flooring for Home Gym Room – A Guide

Whether you’re a hardcore bodybuilder or an average beginner, having your own gym equipment at home can definitely be a big money saver. But before you rush out and buy all the machines, make sure that you have everything else to go with it.

best flooring for home gym room
The first thing to consider is the flooring because what good are those state-of-the-art machines if your floor is all scratched up from the old beat-up style you had before. When choosing the flooring, consider something that is easy to clean because no matter how cool your machine can get, you’re not going to enjoy it if you have to spend two hours every time you want to work out on cleaning up.

Wooden flooring

This is considered to be the most luxurious kind of home gym flooring. It looks good and gives a huge classy feel. If you’re willing to splurge (and you probably are if you’ve got a home gym), then having wooden flooring is definitely the best floor for your room. These types of flooring is great if you also have pets in your home. 

Rubberized mats

These are made of recycled tires and rubber that can be easily rolled up when done with workouts. It comes in various thicknesses, though the most common are half inch to an inch. Its ease in cleaning is why it’s the most popular among home gym owners. It’s also shock absorbent, which is a big plus if you intend to do free weights. 

However, it does wear out easily and can tear or wear out after a few months of usage, especially on the machine parts on the bottom.

using rubberized mats for home gyms

Vinyl mats

These mats are favored by athletes and sports enthusiasts because of its surface which can grip most things. Some vinyl products also have shock absorbent properties. Also, it’s soft enough for most feet and easy to clean, though most find it less comfortable than the rubberized mat type. But best of all is its price – this is the least expensive among home gym mat flooring options. 

These work great when you working with bigger machine types e.g. a big sized treadmill or elliptical machines. 

Laminate flooring

This is the flooring of choice for those who really want to save on cost. You can install it within a day or two and just like vinyl, this type is also soft enough for most feet. However, whether you choose the laminate type or not, make sure that your home gym room has sufficient ventilation because flooring tends to give off a lot of dust and this might not be good for your health.

Also, there moisture control for laminate flooring is not that great, not unless you apply a special protective coating that may cost you extra to maintain in the long run.

using laminate flooring for home gyms

2. Setting Up Your Home Gym Room - A Guide

Just like your own personal sanctuary where you’ll be spending most of your days. You want it to be beautiful, luxurious, and functional. So, once flooring is sorted and you have chosen the best flooring for home gym room, it is time for everything else.


Choose bold colors that will give that luxurious feel to your home gym room. Gaudy colors are not recommended unless you’re really into it. Your home gym is the ideal place for you to bring out your creativity and be as artistic as possible. You can even go all out and make it look like a professional gym (this way, you’ll have motivational décor that will encourage you to work out more).


Make sure you have a speaker system that will allow you to play your favorite music while working out. It’ll also help drown out any noises from outside so that your sessions are uninterrupted. Just make sure that you don’t blast the volume too loud because it can do more harm than good when done for a long period of time.

music in home gym


This is not really a necessity but it definitely adds to the appeal of your home gym room. It allows you to see all aspects at one glance and you’ll be able to check out your form when doing crunches or other exercises that require correct motion. It can be hard to do this if there’s no mirror in your room so you might want to consider getting one.

Workout equipment

If you really want to create a beautiful home gym room, then the best way to go is having workout equipment that serves more than just one purpose. So instead of buying two different machines for two different exercises, get one machine that can do it all. 

There are a lot of home gym equipment that will allow you to work out most parts of your body in just one go. You can even have them customized so that it will match your home gym room’s color scheme.

Complimentary equipment

You might want to add other equipment such as yoga mats, medicine balls and even a punching bag. These will give your home gym a complete look and allow you to do activities other than the usual workouts.
exercise equipment for home gym


One mistake some make is to neglect lighting. This can be risky especially if you like exercising at night (which some people do). Ensure that your place has ample lighting but not too much, You want to mimic real gyms with their design


Again, this should be within the average range so as not to cause problems with your home gym flooring options. The humidity level should be around 40 percent because any higher and you might start seeing damage on the equipment. You can measure humidity by using a hygrometer sold at home improvement stores.

This article was written with a focus on small bathroom ventilation ideas, and should provide a guideline to control humidity in your home gym, depending on the size of your room. 

Final thoughts

Whatever kind of flooring you choose, make sure that it is easy to clean and does not easily give in to scratches and other small damages like dents. This way with the best flooring for home gym room, your machine will last longer and you’ll enjoy the workout even more.

The most important thing is to make your home gym a comfortable room. You can do this by ensuring that it has enough ventilation and providing the right lighting, flooring, decor, etc. This way, not only will you have an enjoyable workout but you’ll feel good after every session as well.

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